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Brave Church: Tackling Tough Topics Together

By Elizabeth Hagan
List Price: $15.99

In today's deeply divided world where discussions can quickly become heated and uncivil, churches need to learn how to talk about sensitive issues. Our society needs brave churches where people can talk about the real struggles they are experiencing without fear of being dismissed, shamed, or judged.

Brave Church helps congregations talk about controversial topics with sensitivity to those who see the world and have experienced life differently from themselves. It guides readers to think through how they can foster conversations about such challenging topics as infertility/miscarriage, mental health, domestic violence, racism, and sexuality.

In this 6-week small-group study, pastor Elizabeth Hagan weaves personal and theological reflections with scripture, discussion questions, and real-world examples to move readers from exploration to action. Brave Church includes a Leader's Guide and suggests resources for further reading and action.


Endorsements for Brave Church: Tackling Tough Topics Together

“Church may be a lot of things, but few would call it a safe place to have difficult conversations. In Brave Church, Elizabeth Hagen shows why this needs to change, and how it can change. I’m not only cheering her on, I’m following her lead.”
Steve Wiens, Pastor, Genesis Covenant Church, Minneapolis, MN & author of Shining Like the Sun
"Hagan invites us to create accessible, brave, and vulnerable spaces in our churches—places where we can engage in tough talk about real life. With empathy and relatability, Brave Church urges Christians to think deeply, act boldly, and love unconditionally."
J. Dana Trent, author of Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk
"If the list of topics covered in this book makes it feel too hot to handle, that’s proof of how badly we need it. Winsomely written, well-researched, and eminently practical, this book is a gift to anyone who knows that a faithful church needs to tackle tough topics and longs for wise guidance on how."
L. Roger Owens, Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and Ministry, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
"Brave Church challenges decades of polite and fruitless conversation in many churches around complex issues such as race, sexuality, and politics. Hagan's writing is accessible, practical, timely, and nuanced. Rather than being 'preached at' or 'talked to', readers will find that they have a relatable and trustworthy conversation partner in Hagan. I cannot recommend this book enough that challenges and equips us to move from 'safe spaces to brave spaces.'”
Rev. Dr. Maria Kane, Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal, Church, Waldorf, MD

Is Your Church brave?

Join churches around the country discovering how to discuss difficult topics without just agreeing to disagree.
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