Word of the Week

Here's some of my other articles on the web that you won't want to miss:

On Infertility and Adoption:

"How the Church Views Infertility" TIME magazine, Motto, 2017

"Five Ways the Church Hurts on Mother's Day" Patheos, 2016

"Don't Shut Down If You Struggle with Infertility" Ethics Daily, 2017

Journeying with Others Facing Infertility (A Podcast) with Andy Hale and the Corporative Baptists Fellowship

"Birthed: Finding Grace Through Infertility a Conversation with Elizabeth Hagan" (A Podcast) with Steve Weins

On the Pastoral Life: 

"Leave Jesus Out of the 4th of July." Baptist News Global, 2014

"Re-thinking Pastor Appreciation," Baptist News Global, 2012

"Remember Our Dust" Baylor University, Center for Christian Ethics, Lent 2013

"What does a Pastor Do?" Lewis Center for Church Leadership, Wesley Seminary: Leading Ideas, March 30, 2011  

"What Can the Global Church Teach Us About Stewardship?" Luther Seminary, 2015

"Climbing the Ladder"  and "Singleness" Young Clergy Women Journal, 2010.

On Global Concerns:

"You are Needed: Orphan Care" Alliance of Baptist Voices Series, 2016

"Longing for Home." Alliance of Baptist Voices Series, 2015

"Standing up to Hate Against our Muslim Neighbors," Ethics Daily, 2015

"On Sweden Trip: Reflections on Church, Refugee Crisis" Ethics Daily, 2015

"The Ebola Crisis: Watch Your Language" Baptist News Global, 2014