I'm so glad we've found each other here!

Do you feel stuck? Alone? Ready for a hard season of life to hurry up and be over? Interested in making a big change in your life but not sure where to start?

I help people find inspiration for their next chapter because I believe that the best is always yet to be

Simple steps help us all move toward a more meaningful life.  And I'm glad to be an encourager to you.

I've been doing this for over 15 years in as pastor in congregations all over the U.S. I most recently served the Palisades Community Church in Washington, DC. I was ordained in the American Baptist tradition in 2006 but have been warmly welcomed in recent years by the Disciples of Christ, the United Church of Christ, the Presbyterian USA among other sister denominations. If I get to pick where I go to church, I feel most at home in an African-American gospel service.

I'm an author who believes in telling vulnerable stories. For 8 years I struggled with miscarriage, infertility, and adoption loss for many years and wrote a memoir about it called Birthed. I have a new book called Brave Church: Tackling Tough Topics Together coming out soon!

I'm married to Kevin, a wonderful partner who is truly as nice at home as he seems in public.

I'm a mother to one particular little girl and to other adopted kids all over the world through the foundation I started called Our Courageous Kids.

I believe in loyalty, enduring friendships, and eating chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven (otherwise they're not worth the calories).

And, I'm restless if I don't have my next trip planned.

Some of my more interesting jobs have included cashier at Chick-fil-A while in high school in Chattanooga, TN, floor girl at Ann Taylor in downtown Washington, DC right out of grad school, and 5th grade teacher in inner city Birmingham, AL for one year out of college.

And I post way too many picture of my daughter over on Instagram because you know, I just can't resist!

Want to chat off? Just contact me. I'd love to meet you, really!


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