Word of the Week

A Prayer for Today

The frame of life reference found in this quote never ceases to waver in its power for me.

"All will be well, and all will be well, in all manner of things all will be well."

-Julian of Norwich

Consider using this as a breath prayer today as you are walking to work from your car or stuck in traffic or thinking through a difficult situation in your life. Repeat the words several times over and over again.

You can read more about this saint of the Christian faith here. 

As I studied Julian in seminary, there were two things that stuck out to me about her particular beliefs. For one, she was a strong advocate for the love of God, not judgement. Not that there wasn't and isn't evil in the world, or sin as we like to call it which keeps us from God's best for us. But, it was Julian's understanding that our shortcomings are what ultimately draw us deeper into the life of God which can a very wonderful gift. Without sin, we might not know how much we need God. And, we might not experience the love of God at the level which can transform our souls. 

And, also through her visions of Christ during a time of particularly difficult illness (that almost ended her life), Julian began to speak  the trinity with inclusive langauge. Julian spoke of God as Father and as Mother. As you might imagine, such claims were quite controversal (as the controversy continues even today in some circles). But, Julian was so well-respected in her community that she was allowed to live (not sent to her death as a heretic).

It is miracle to me  to know that any of her writings survived into the modern era. Yet, I'm so glad they did, for her prophetic witness is a powerful one.

All will be well, in a matter of things all will be well.

May you know this day the inclusive love of a God who is your Father and your Mother, a God who is working even now through the broken webs of your life to find you on the other side of something which is a little more whole.