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9 Years as Rev. Elizabeth

On November 4, 2006, I accepted my ordination vows. Nine years ago today I became Rev. Elizabeth. IMG_1008

In front of friends, family and the church gathered at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, DC I was asked these questions and responded with these words:

Elizabeth, do you truly believe that you are called to be an ordained minister in the church of Jesus Christ and with the help of God to serve faithfully in the fulfillment of the responsibilities of this ministry?

I do.

Will you in your own life seek to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, love your neighbors and work for the reconciliation of the world?

I will.

Will you seek to bring others into an acceptance of the cost and joy of discipleship, and through faithful teaching lead them into a full understanding of Christian commitment?

I will.

Will you seek to serve all people with energy, intelligence, imagination and love?

I will.

Will you endeavor to uphold the integrity of the church and to give yourself to the denomination in which you are being called and ordained and in so far as possible serve its causes and seek to enlarge its witness?

I will.

This experience of vow keeping, like any calling, has not been one that I expected (much like I wrote about two years ago). But it has always been good. Even with all the ups and downs, the ministerial life is what I am called to do. I have married, buried, baptized, preached and served a lot of communion since then. And, I am all better for saying yes!

And today as I remember my ordination vows (as serious as any wedding anniversary in my book), I celebrate these memories and so many more!

Preaching at Free Church Retreat in Durham, NC connected to Duke Divinity School


Reading the scripture at the pulpit of St. James Church in New York City at my friend Lynn's wedding


Leading my first communion service with Pastors Lonnie and Charlie during our Thanksgiving service 2006. 10389348_10203695595535177_3120054462053201894_n

Leading a children's sermon at my first full-time position at First Baptist Church of Gaithersburg, MD


Singing "Make Us One" every Sunday at Washington Plaza Church where I served as the Senior Pastor for 4 years.  


Preaching the Christmas service at Feed the Children Kenya.

IMG_1125Leading a children's talk on Palm Sunday at The Federated Church, Weatherford, OK.


Preaching an anniversary service at the congregation where I am now a member, Martin Luther King Christian in Reston, VA.

10672323_10152821467981875_592023526533303968_nWhen any of us say, "Lord, ok I'll follow," oh, the places the calling will take you!

Looking forward to all that is to come . . .