Word of the Week

Discernment Coming Soon

Beginning in June, Washington Plaza folks will be entering a new adventure in small groups. While we are known for our intensive Bible study courses and our book discussions, this summer we venture into the world of spiritual formation.

The reason behind this season's shift stems out of a hunger I see in the congregation to go both deeper with God and with one another with an intentional approach. This is what the practice of a spiritual formation class will offer us.  We'll be trying out the Companions in Christ material (which is well-known for its depth and quality by the way) called The Way of Discernment.

Who is this course designed for?

* People yearning to hear the Holy Spirit's guidance

* Individuals looking for direction in vocation or life changes

* Church leaders seeking clarity about our congregation's distinctive mission

* Those searching for God's will in matters of belief, ethics and faithful living

Yet you might ask:

How is spiritual formation different from a Bible Study or book discussion group? 

This class will be a commitment to meet weekly for prayer, faith practice and discussion. It's an opportunity for scripture to form your spirituality instead of just gaining information about it. It's an adventure of growing alongside others where the leader is not an instructor but a fellow participant. 

 If I join the group what will be expected of me?

*Attending once a week meetings if at all possible (not a drop in class)

*Prayer, mediation, and personal growth exercises during the week

*Willingness to share your spiritual insights with others

Group meetings will begin in June. Email me if you are interested. I'm looking forward to growing alongside you in this course.