Platforms, Publishing and Blog Frustrations

No one gets publishing deals these days without a lot of sweat and tears and a huge platform. When you are a person who wants to publish a book one day the number one thing that potential editor will ask you is, “Could you describe your platform?” Having a platform is social capital. Who do
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Telling the Feed The Children Story


One of the fun parts of my new volunteer job at Feed The Children is being a part of the writing team. Back in the fall after many months of dreaming and planning, Feed The Children launched it first ever blog. We felt it was a great way to not only keep donors and other
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Not Being Afraid to Start Over


I thought I was done. I really did. I had written a book. The manuscript that I had been working for almost 2 years had finally reached the stage of the game when it was time to really get serious about publication. I learned how to write a book proposal (which is no small collection
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Year in Review


January 2013 began with a bang. A quiet bang that is. I left my position of pastor at Washington Plaza Baptist Church in Reston in pursue more writing projects and support the work of Feed The Children. I blogged and sought to practice Sabbath keeping as I transitioned. Some days it went better than others.
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Hitting the Plazas of Nashville and Honolulu


These days the life plan of our household never extends beyond two months ahead– and this is if we are lucky. Kevin and I take opportunities as they come. Kevin never knows when the next international crisis will hit that will need us to pick up and travel. I never know when an opportunity to
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3 Reasons Why Social Media Improves Writing


Over the past couple of years and more specifically this calendar year, a lot of my energy has gone into assisting organizations and individuals (including me) with strengthening social media practices. Hoping to answer the question: “How do you build online community?” And then, actually doing it post by post, tweet by tweet, share by
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What Happened to Old School Blogging?


I’ve been in the blogging game since 2006 back before blogging was cool or everyone and their mother had one. My friend, Amy first told me about hers and I was inspired. (We were both kids back then! Pictured to the right). Like her, maybe I had things to say too? (If you’ve been keeping
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Be Someone


We can’t help it, but in our society we are what we do. When you meet a new person (especially in the circles I run in it seems) the first question that gets asked when you meet someone new is, “What do you do?” And in response free-flowing answers are something like, “I am a
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Creating What Doesn’t Exist


People ask me all the time what I miss about church life? Do I miss preaching all the time? Do I miss the committee meetings? Do I miss the hospital visits? Do I miss the cranky people calling me after church on Sunday afternoon? I’m not really sure how to answer these questions. Because yes,
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