So This Is It


It’s been over one year now since I left traditional ministry. And folks say to me all the time, “When are you going back to the church?” I don’t know how to answer other than to say that we need to think about the church in new ways. Why do we always think about church
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Year in Review


January 2013 began with a bang. A quiet bang that is. I left my position of pastor at Washington Plaza Baptist Church in Reston in pursue more writing projects and support the work of Feed The Children. I blogged and sought to practice Sabbath keeping as I transitioned. Some days it went better than others.
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Be Someone


We can’t help it, but in our society we are what we do. When you meet a new person (especially in the circles I run in it seems) the first question that gets asked when you meet someone new is, “What do you do?” And in response free-flowing answers are something like, “I am a
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Creating What Doesn’t Exist


People ask me all the time what I miss about church life? Do I miss preaching all the time? Do I miss the committee meetings? Do I miss the hospital visits? Do I miss the cranky people calling me after church on Sunday afternoon? I’m not really sure how to answer these questions. Because yes,
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Figuring Out Calling


Yesterday, the Associated Baptist Press published a commentary I wrote called, “I Left the Church. But Don’t Hate Me.” You can read it here. In this piece, I described that one of the reasons I left my pastorate stemmed from a new professional opportunity given to my husband at Feed The Children. It’s something I’ve
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One Last Love Letter

Dear Washington Plaza Church family- I needed to write you one more letter. I love you. I don’t just say that lightly. I really do love you. It has become abundantly clear to me again this week that goodbyes are always hard. But they’re especially hard when you’re parting as we are, having loved each
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Don’t Leave Without Saying Goodbye


Have you ever been in a situation where a houseguest has left early in the morning before you woke up? Or you’ve parted ways with a friend in a mad dash to the airport without final words? Or you haven’t been able to find that favorite teacher or buddy in the midst of the large crowds
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Grief and Transition

November 18, 2012 Dear Washington Plaza Church family: I come before you this morning with a heavy heart. It’s heavy because I have news to share with you that has caused me a great deal of sadness as I have thought and prayed and discerned.  I need to tell you that I am sharing this
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Dance Your Dance

When is the last time you felt alive? When is the last time you felt free with passion bringing light to your eyes that you thought was long past? When is the last time you danced? For me, being connected to new ideas and meaningful conversations always enlivens. In this matter, if you’ve followed my
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