Be a Human Being


A whole new way of looking at “my labor” came many years ago when a friend introduced me to a quote from Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, Leaving Church. “The call to serve God is first and foremost the call to be fully human.” I copied it right away from the email she sent and put
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You Can More than Survive


There’s a popular misconception when it comes to advice we give and crave during difficult times. “You’ll get through this. You can do it!” “If I can survive this . . . I can do anything.” In life’s hard places, we rally ourselves around images of strength and courage. One of my personal favorites is
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A Good Death?

A Sermon Preached at The Federated Church, Weatherford, OK on Isaiah 6:1-8 It’s strange to put the words “good” and “death” in the same phrase as I’m doing with the sermon title isn’t it? Because when we think death, we think grief, sadness, loss, and weeping. And if we’re from the church, when I say death,
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I’ve Got Mother’s Day Pain


It’s the week of Mother’s Day. And it’s that time of year that the church struggles to know what to do with women who aren’t mothers in the traditional sense. Pastors muse about, “Who gets a rose and who doesn’t?” The church ladies are known to whisper: “What should we do since ___ doesn’t have
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God, What Were You Thinking?


Today, I have one question: God, really what were you thinking hanging all of the hopes of the world on one birth and one night? If you and I have any logical sense, hanging all ours hopes in life on everything aligning correctly as God did at Christmas Eve was a pretty stupid thing to
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Making Room for the Unexpected


When we think what will make our Christmas really amazing this year, I’m sure all of us have some ideas . . . A phone call from that family member we haven’t heard from in a while. Santa bringing us something that we actually like. An oven that magically bakes the best bread for Christmas
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Something Changed


I travel a lot these days to hug children, to greet staff and to write stories about how Feed the Children’s donors are helping kids have clean water, access to education and more sustainable food sources around the world. Sometimes, I wake up not knowing where I am! But when I figure it out, I
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Baby Jesus Blog: An Advent Study

20 days old baby sleeping in a christmas nativity crib

It is Advent. Mary is 36 weeks pregnant, and baby Jesus is due any day. How do we learn to wait for a baby savior? Waiting for Christmas is about waiting for a baby to be born, and as any mom will tell you, that kind of waiting is hard work. We get impatient. We
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Learning in Africa


Jambo (hello) from Kenya. For the past two weeks, I’ve found myself traveling in East Africa to participate in the work of Feed the Children. I’ve taken early morning flights. I’ve brushed my teeth with bottled water. I’ve visited primary schools. I’ve watched the sun set over the Indian Ocean. I’ve taken lots of pictures
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What’s Next? When God Seems Far Away

A Sermon about Exodus 17:1-7 preached at The Federated Church, Weatherford, OK Do you remember the last time you were really thirsty? Parched mouth? Dry tongue? Dreaming of water flowing from a faucet? In our water bottle, water fountain and Sonic on every corner culture, it’s unheard of that any of us would ever “die
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