Living in Lent

Lent is already half-way over and is anyone dragging like me? The days of self-reflection and self-discipline seem like too much at junctures like today when I’m ready to throw in the towel and just say, “What’s the point?” I haven’t been able to keep a Lenten discipline for several years now, but I’m hoping
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God Calls Us to Live in the New

Guest blogger: Jayme Cloninger On February 19, Washington Plaza Baptist participated in the Baptist Women in Ministry’s Martha Stearns Marshall day of preaching by inviting Jayme Cloninger to preach, a recent college grad who is a friend of Pastor Elizabeth. Jayme currently serves as a human rights advocate for the Enough Project on the Raise Hope for Congo Campaign
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Amazing Grace


When most preachers sit with Matthew 20:1-16, as was the gospel reading for this morning, or at least as I was taught this passage as a child, it all went back to getting into heaven on practical terms. All you had to do, I learned, was to pray a salvation prayer and you were in the
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