African Aerobics


I am now more convinced than ever that we in America are total wimps. Yes, wimps! Even those of us who think we are in “good” shape. I came to Kenya not necessarily thinking I was in good shape. But not in bad shape either. My body had seen the inside of a gym recently.
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What Does Joy Look Like?


I’ve been in Kenya for over five days now– and all I can say is that even with difficulties (there have been some)– this place causes joy to rise up for me. It’s hard not to keep smiling! What I mean by joy is not just happiness (though there has been that too), but what
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Well, Hello Again: Africa


My travels on behalf of Feed The Children this week have taken Kevin and I back to the continent of Africa. It’s been over a year since we last stood on this land. It has been a year when our hearts have grown in courage– for all that a responsibility for such a time as
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Teachers in the Philippines


There’s been a lot of talk the past couple of weeks about the Philippines, hasn’t there? From the devastating earthquake a few weeks ago to this past weekend’s destructive typhoon, it seems that the people of these islands are not getting a break. They’ve faced so many trials. It’s been almost too much to watch!
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Hitting the Plazas of Nashville and Honolulu


These days the life plan of our household never extends beyond two months ahead– and this is if we are lucky. Kevin and I take opportunities as they come. Kevin never knows when the next international crisis will hit that will need us to pick up and travel. I never know when an opportunity to
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The Preacher on the Plaza Travel Log


As I continue to abide in my global nomad status of being defined by mission and not geography as Kevin recently wrote about, I am learning a lot about airports. And along the way, I’ve seen the best. I’ve seen the ugly (like this travel story I just have to reference back to). As advised
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Not Just News Headlines Anymore


Kenya mall bombing dead toll reaches 60 7.2 Earthquake hits in Cebu, Philippines Malawi president sacks cabinet over corruption scandal If you are like me, news headlines especially those from far away so easily go in one ear and out the other. We might have  a moment when our heart rises in compassion or pity
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You Don’t Speak English, What?


I have spent the last week feeling mostly like an outsider. Not because of lack of welcome. (I can’t tell you how many hugs and smiles I received) Not because no one looked me in the eyes. (Countless children pointed at my face as if to notice I was the only green-eyed and blonde haired
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And It All Goes Back to Candy


At the end of the day, no matter where in the world you are, there’s one thing that always makes kids excited: the candy. Even the big kids like my husband . . .

Peace Through Friendship


I love independent theaters. I love films that may or may not get press or bring filmmakers lots of money, but present a message through their art medium that make you think. I love films that stir up conversation long after the credits roll. For me one such film I recently watched in the documentary
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