Being Real, Getting Hurt

One of my favorite children’s books of all times is the Velveteen Rabbit. But like most good children’s stories, it’s really not a children’s story. It’s a tale that has important things to say to adults trying to figure out the great question of: “How now shall we live? The following scenario (that is one
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Prayers for an Uncertain Future


How do you pray when your heart is full of uncertainty? How do you pray when you see the structures you once leaned on for security like a good paying government job fail you? How do you pray when a simple drive across town pulsates fear as imagines of gunfire and hate mongering have filled
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Prayer for Those Who Wait for Justice

Oh Lord, we’re stunned. We’re angry. We’re disillusioned. We’re afraid. Even several days later, we still wonder how in America could verdicts like “not guilty” come down when a life was clearly taken. We wonder how a mother, a father, an entire family can go on after all they’ve lived through. We wonder how boys
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Five Things You Can Do for the People of Oklahoma

We’ve all been glued to our tvs the last 24 hours, watching the coverage of the devastating tornado that destroyed the town of Moore, OK and surrounding areas. When it first hit, I watched with careful attention– maybe even closer than most because I was in Washington DC and Kevin was in Oklahoma City. Fear
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Prayers for Oklahoma City

For all of those who woke this morning with joy and sunshine, only to end their day in utter devastation. Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer. For all those who have no place to lay their head this night, left only to the kindness of strangers. Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer. For
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Silence Is Not Going to Hurt You


Over the past several months, I found myself with more quiet and uninterrupted time than I’ve ever experienced before in my life. My pastoral Sabbatical has gone on for more months that I would have planned in the beginning. By March, the temptation was to “just do something.” To fill the space with more books
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Grief and Transition

November 18, 2012 Dear Washington Plaza Church family: I come before you this morning with a heavy heart. It’s heavy because I have news to share with you that has caused me a great deal of sadness as I have thought and prayed and discerned.  I need to tell you that I am sharing this
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Why Do You Pray?


As a child, I was taught that prayer was talking to God. It was right to give thanks to God for food. I was encouraged to pray for those who were going through difficult times. I learned that if you didn’t confess sin before you prayed then God wouldn’t be too happy with you. And,
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Why do you do this work?

Over the course of our travels and many meetings with Feed the Children staff, partners and other NGO leaders there is one question I find myself asking these folks over and over: “Why do you do this work?” The answers I have gotten from Africans and expats alike have varied but the heart of all
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