Don’t Leave Without Saying Goodbye


Have you ever been in a situation where a houseguest has left early in the morning before you woke up? Or you’ve parted ways with a friend in a mad dash to the airport without final words? Or you haven’t been able to find that favorite teacher or buddy in the midst of the large crowds
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Calling All Summer Service Seekers


It’s that time of year for college students– what am I going to do next summer? Will I have an internship? Will I do service work? Will I travel? I say, do it all! Consider this: I remember those days of discernment full well. It’s hard to know exactly what to do, especially when going
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Remember Jesus!


Christ the King Sunday 2012: Matthew 16: 13-20 On a lazy Saturday afternoon, one of my favorite things to do is watch those home design shows that seem to come on endlessly on cable. I remember once being mesmerized by an episode of the show: “Flip That House.” If you haven’t seen it, the basic
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Being Thankful


The countdown is on . . . I have to say that thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday of them all. Some of my most favorite childhood memories were made during thanksgiving extravaganzas planned with my cousin, Ellis, four years my elder (which of course made him extra cool). Those of you who’ve spent Thanksgiving with
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Grief and Transition

November 18, 2012 Dear Washington Plaza Church family: I come before you this morning with a heavy heart. It’s heavy because I have news to share with you that has caused me a great deal of sadness as I have thought and prayed and discerned.  I need to tell you that I am sharing this
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A Life That Counts


Mark 12:38-44 There are weeks when I have scripture texts before me and I wonder as I prepare what the writer of the text was smoking (for I just can’t figure out the point) and there are times I think I have absolutely no experience with the implied message of the text and feel so
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Mission trips that aren’t just trips

Growing up in evangelical culture of the southern part of the United States, I learned a key component of strong Christian faith was the annual practice of going on mission trips. Based on the Great Commission of Acts 1:8, we’d be challenged by youth pastors to make a service trip each summer, a priority in
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World of Contrasts

For the past two nights, our crew has been stationed in the Philippine capital of Manila. It’s a modern city reminding me a lot of New York or LA– a city that doesn’t seem to sleep that is resident of over 12 million people. Upon arrival, has been such a shock to our system after
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The Slums

At dusk last night, I walked through the slums of Cebu City, Philippines. The invitation to walk through the slums at nightfall came after our delegation spent the afternoon at Pasil Elementary, where Feed The Children is highly revered. Last year the elementary got a new wing of state of the art classrooms with funding
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Poverty, travel and perspective

As I write this I find myself on a boat heading from Bohol back to Cebu (Philippines) and I stand in amazement of where life has taken me recently. Not only did I celebrate my 6th anniversary of ordination yesterday (wow what a ride as a reverend has been!), but in the past less than
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