Why do you do this work?

Over the course of our travels and many meetings with Feed the Children staff, partners and other NGO leaders there is one question I find myself asking these folks over and over: “Why do you do this work?” The answers I have gotten from Africans and expats alike have varied but the heart of all
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How Are We Going to Meet These Needs?

Today, our delegation toured, observed, and participated in the work of Feed the Children Kenya in the Maparasha, a remote village community of the Masai tribe. We saw a water sanitation project in action as women and children gathered water from a clean well instead of walking 5 km up a hill to a remote
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The Spirituality of International Travel

Often times in the church, we think of spiritual disciplines as a practice which we can qualify as holy action. Practices like praying, reading scripture, doing works of charity and the like are often the prescriptions for spiritual growth. But Barbara Brown Taylor in her book, Altar in the World (which we at Washington Plaza
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In Kenya with Gratitude

We have now been in Kenya for two and a half days– a country where Feed the Children has a strong presence through its work in the slums, with orphans and also in villages too. I shared a devotion with the entire Kenya staff of over 200 folks, toured the Feed the Children center, spent
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Hunger: Up Close in Africa

On the day of the announcement that Kevin would soon become the CEO of Feed the Children, a reporter asked him “You are not going to do any more of those commercials with African children starving with flies on their faces are you?” Looking a little taken aback by the directness of the question, Kevin
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I’m Spiritual but Not Religious

 I’m Spiritual but Not Religious: James 1:17-27 Today’s excuse in our “Excuses” series is among the most commonly cited why people don’t come to church. I’ve heard countless versions of it during my tenure as Pastor at Washington Plaza, even. “Pastor, I don’t think I need to come to church. I’d rather commute with God by watching the
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Why Do I Write?

You haven’t seen me blog as much as I normally do lately other than posting sermons. Writing like a crazy woman some days, I’ve sought to give more attention to my book long project instead of other stuff. When I come out of my writing cave and seek to tell people what I’ve been up to,
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Reading, Re-reading and Dreams

In our consumer driven everything culture, we often treat reading as just another thing to conquer, to finish, to master. In seminary, we marked our progress by how many textbook were on our shelves. Colleagues ask me at conferences, “How many books have you read lately?” Congregants ask me: “What books can you teach us more about?”
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This is Not the Life I Expected

This is not the life I Expected: John 6:22-40 I don’t know if you’ve been staying up late like me watching the Olympics every night for the past two weeks or not . . . but it has been so easy to do, even if I already knew who won the races. The drama, the
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A Conversation with Kevin


Hear more about the passion and excitement my husband Kevin has about his new job. It’s more than a job– it’s a ministry and it is great to watch him shine! I am so proud.