Redefining God as Parent


Our last in the series of “Sermons by Request” continued this morning. Finding out that this was the passage chosen made my head spin a little… I didn’t know what I’d make of such. But in the e d thankful for this week’s theological wrestlings. Romans 1:18-25 One of the most important questions of faith
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The Church Gets it Right


Yesterday, Washington Plaza Baptist hosted a memorial service for the brother and brother in-law of two of our devoted church leaders, Mark. The congregation was almost full of those who came to pay their respects. It wasn’t full because everyone in the room had a relationship with the deceased or even had met Mark, but many people came out
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Even for the “Liberals” . . . Claiming Jesus


Claiming Jesus: John 1:1-18 On July 14, 2012– only more than a week ago– an op-ed article appeared in the New York Times that has been all the rage of debate online and in progressive circles ever since. Ross Douthat titled his edgy piece, “Can Liberal Christianity Be Saved?” He wonders about the future of
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Prayer in Response to the Aurora, CO Shooting


For those who have journeyed to the life beyond after watching what would be their last film, Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer. For those who simply wanted a night out of enjoyment at a movie theater and find themselves in the most bewildering shock of their lives as memories of confusion continue to
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Hagans on the Hill


There are some days in life that simply amaze you. Yesterday was one of them for me.  I found myself on the floor of the Senate praying the opening prayer of the day as the guest chaplain via invitation from Chaplain Black after a nomination from Senator Jim Webb of Virginia. It was a humbling
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Praise the Lord!


Our sermons by request series continued this week with Psalm 150. I wondered what I was going to do with this text when I first read it (as I’ve never been very good at my attempts to preach on the Psalms), but in the end I was glad for the challenge. And what a FUN service
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The Suffering of Jesus Means What?


As our series of “Sermons by Request” continues, I had an opportunity this week to explore Isaiah 53:1-6 and do some theological reflection of my own on theories of atonement. Thanks for reading.  I can remember the last time that I sought to directly evangelize a person to Christianity– I was 20 years old and serving
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Marriage Vows


The following passage from Ruth chapter one was read at our wedding. And though I got slack from some of my preacher friends with the highest regard for lectionary readings appropriate for wedding (saying that this was not a passage about a marriage, rather a friendship between two women), I stuck with my strong desire
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What Kind of Light Are We?


This Sunday, I began a month-long series in what congregation members have identified as their favorite scriptures. Anything was a possibility, really anything. Of course I was a little afraid as to what I might get as suggestions! But the responses I got were actually pretty tame (thank God!). First up, Matthew 5:13-16. Thanks for reading: I don’t
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