Love, Christians and Those Who Might Call us Crazy


When is the last time you encountered a person of faith, in particular a Christian who was engaging in particular activities one might call “crazy?” I know I’ve met my share of over the top loving kind of Christians through the years being in church as long as I have. I’ve met Christians who follow
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Are you a Christian?

As a pastor, I live in a unique place as a person of faith. Whereas most have particular views on any given subject and go through ups and downs in their spiritual journey, my life of faith is a public one. I am asked every Sunday to give testimony to the gospel and God’s workings in
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Give Us a New Name!


Give Us a New Name! John 20:19-31 What’s in a name? Does it really matter what we are called? Anyone been called the wrong name lately– even if the person didn’t mean any harm by it? Such a situation can bring out all the frustrations in our bodies, can’t it? The names we give ourselves
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Letting Go


How much time do you spending worrying on any given day? Though such would not be a statistic that any of us would boast about, I know it is something we all do. And all the time. We worry about what we will eat for dinner when we come home. We worry if our children
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Ten Thoughts for Tuesday

I’ve haven’t blogged in a week, so I thought I’d catch with 10 thoughts for Tuesday: 1. There is excitement in our household because of a big announcement we made to the church on Sunday. Kevin, my husband has a new job. On June 4th he’ll begin his post as CEO/ President of Feed the
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When the World Doesn’t Look the Same


When the World Doesn’t Look the Same Easter 2012: Mark 16:1-8 I don’t know if you are like me, but when I make my choices in entertainment, especially in movies, one of my favorite weekend pastimes, there is only major requirement I have. And that is: I like a good endings. I hope for  loose
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What Kind of Pastor Am I?


It has been a week when people who don’t know me particularly well have asked me the question: “What kind of pastor are you?” It’s a funny question because I know that it comes with alternative motives. It’s a litmus test question of sorts for folks to try to pin me into one theological camp
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Endurance to Stand


Promise in Night: Endurance to Stand Mark 15:1-20 with Isaiah 50:4-9 As we began our service today outside, we re-enacted together what it might have felt like to be among the crowd waving palm branches and singing the praises of “Hosanna!” We shouted praises of thanksgiving for Jesus. We hailed Jesus as king. We adored his
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