A Litany As We Return

*As we returned back to the sanctuary this morning after our Sabbatical period in the Plaza room. It was good to mark the occasion with this litany I wrote: As we gather together again in this room, we say how much God has blessed us with this beautiful worship space. We thank you God for our
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A Word to My Sisters


When I began the journey into the strange world called being a Baptist female pastor, I knew there would be challenges. I knew there would be folks who would throw the Bible at me wondering if I believed in the same gospel as them. I knew I would have trouble finding positions to serve that my male
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I Love You


“I love you.” It takes a relationship to a deeper level like no other three words can. Where were we when we first said the “L word?”  Often couples remember this moment in their dating time together more than any other. Who said it first? How often did you want to say it afterward– screaming
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How was Sabbatical Worship?


Yesterday was the last Sunday in our “Sanctuary on Sabbatical” worship series. After four weeks of worshiping in the Plaza Room sitting around round tables in a participatory style of gathering, we will return to the sanctuary this Sunday  to resume “normality.” This idea for summer worship emerged out of several conversations with my clergy group during a
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Fabulous Friday Fun

What a great time we’ve been having this summer with the kids God has brought our way for our children’s program and with each other too. Every Friday night in July, we’ve been giving parents in our neighborhood a night out from 6:30-8:30 and sending them on their way to dinner at one of the
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Forget Me Not


What is right in front of our faces, what seems urgent , what we are asked to do: such are the tasks we usually engage in first every day. And while some of us are better at long-term to do lists and planning, most of us are prone to tackle first what we have to do to
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Breathing Space


Does calling to a particular congregation automatically mean you are required to give your whole life to a particular group of people? Recently, I finished a wonderful pastoral memoir called Breathing Space: A Spiritual Journey in South Bronx by Heidi Neumark. Heidi is a Lutheran pastor who writes about her 20ish year journey with a congregation in
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Outreach: Neighborhood Style

Normal patterns of ministry outreach for children during the summer for churches is a little thing called Vacation Bible School or better known as VBS. The basic idea is that a summer’s worth of educational curriculum is packed into one week of the summer during either a day or night camp at a local congregation. It’s
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Wednesday Prayers

If you are a twitter person and don’t take yourself too seriously, you need to follow Unvirtuous Abbey. You will find yourself laughing out loud more than you ever thought possible on social media! In the spirit of this person, whoever she or he may be, I wanted to offer up some unconventional, yet authentic
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