The Conversation No One Wants to Keep Having

Today, the Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM) came out with its annual report on the state of women in Baptist life at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship meeting in Tampa. In it, they reported that there have been some positive changes of women accepted into Baptist pastorates in the last year, yet the numbers are still staggering. While Baptist churches
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A Small Church


Recently while attending the Lewis Fellows Reunion at Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC, I heard much conversation about the growth of ‘small  churches’ (those categorized as under 150 active members/ attendees) in the mainline tradition. (Shocking, I know!) The theory being that as our society continues to grows to be more and more impersonal and
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What God Thinks of You

What Does God Think of You? Genesis 1:26-2:4 Trinity Sunday 2011 If there is one story that is repeated over and over in our lives both by us and those closest to us, it is the tale of our birth. Begin any conversation with a new acquaintance about their upbringing, and usually it will begin
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No Distance


“Let there be no distance between who you are and what you do.” Such was a quotation from some of my sermon prep reading that I stirred by in writing my Pentecost sermon this year. I began to think a lot about the local church where I serve and how we fare in the mix
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Pride Week: Baptist Preacher Style


The way I see my job– its role is often to take the mission of the church into places where it might not otherwise go especially when it comes to hanging out with folks who have few (if any) positive experiences with a church or a pastor. It’s an area of ministry that I find
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Too Much


My world is the fast paced, traffic filled, takes you 45 minutes (if you are lucky) to get on the other side of town environment of DC. It’s a world of people who are savvy and excited about enjoying life. It’s a world of independent, overachievers who want to make a difference in something that they believe in. It’s
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Building Stronger Communities Interfaith Style


On Sunday afternoon, the folks of Washington Plaza Baptist Church, Oakbrook Church (an evangelical non-denominational community), Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation and the Adams Center (All Dulles Area Muslim Society), began a conversation about “Who is my neighbor?” Such a conversation, though new endeavor, was a part of an ongoing discussion that the clergy of all
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What Are You Doing? Just Stand There!


Ascension Sunday 2011: Acts 1:6-14 What Are You Doing? Just Stand There! Ascension Sunday has been called the most popular liturgical holiday that nobody knows what it means.  And we are Baptists after all. Isn’t it a Catholic thing? Why should we care?   For me, it’s a question I seem to try to answer for
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What Does a Pastor Do? Take 2


Recently a blog of mine was reprinted by the Lewis Center for Church Leadership at Wesley Seminary which sought to answer the question of “What does a Pastor Do?”  Upon hearing feedback from a wider audience about this post, I was amazed at how normal everything I wrote about sounded, but of great insight for
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