The Product that Nobody Wants

It’s no surprise to those of you who know me or follow my blog regularly that my life is fueled by relationships. I love having meaningful conversation, the opportunity for long-lasting friendships and who got into the ministry with a dream of helping healthy spiritual communities grow. But,  in an area like the DC metro
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A Pastor and a Writer?

There’s a truth about myself that I’m coming to believe little by little each day. I am a writer.  I think like a writer. And even though I need to permanently hire an editor (anyone want the job?), there are rhythms about my life which always go back to my need to write. Recently while
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A Disruption from Greed

 Resurrection: A Disruption from Greed, Acts 2:42-47  Preached, Sunday, May 15, 2011 Around Thanksgiving over ten years ago, popular radio commentator, Paul Harvey who was known for his popular broadcast, “The Rest of the Story” told the following tale about a woman seeking to make Thanksgiving dinner for her family. She had a few questions
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Collective Wisdom

Though Proverbs speaks of “grey hairs as a crown of splendor; attained by a righteous life” I don’t buy as much. I was freaking out a couple of weeks ago when I found a chunk of grey hairs– not just one, but several at the top of my scalp. Though I exclaimed loudly in the
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A Mother’s Day Disruption


Sunday: it’s the day that is popularly known in churches as the second highest attended day right after Easter. Though not a liturgical holiday, it might as well be one. Love and appreciation of mother runs deep in our culture, so much so that we are often willing to attend church with our mother even
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Resurrection: a Disruption of Order


What would you think if you walked into church on Sunday morning and found that the bulletin was completely blank? Would you think the office administrator had forgotten something important? Would you think that the pastor was losing her mind? Would you show concern to the music director for the lack of a plan? In the case
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What If?


What if I was using my best God-given gifts, then what would my life look like? Would anything change? What would I do more of and what would I do less? I’ve been asking myself lots of questions like this lately mostly because I’ve had more time than usual to think. After an exhausting Holy Week, much like
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