The Disruption That Changed Everything


Easter 2011: Matthew 28:1-10 Stories that conclude without happy ending drive me completely nuts. I’d almost rather not hear the story if I don’t know everything is going to work out ok in the end. Sound familiar to anyone?  This is especially the case when I go movies. When the plot line finishes unresolved, with
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I Surrender All


The Last Word from the Cross: Jesus called out with a loud voice:“Father into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last.” Luke 23:46  “Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit.” As we sit here with the very last word of Christ, death has come. We have
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A Conversation with Mary


John 12:1-15 Palm Sunday 2011 My name is Mary and I know you’ve heard a lot about me as I have about you. We need to get a few things straight this morning before we go any further. I need you know who I am, not who many of you think I am. So first
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What is Grace? Thursday Edition


Grace is like  . . . tulips that pop up in your backyard that you did not plant. We moved into our new home last May. Our backyard has been an untamed pasture ever since (as we never seem to be home long enough to do anything about it).  It has great potential to be cool, I’ve heard from
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Broken Pieces


“This is not the life I’d hoped for myself.” Such is the sentiment that often seems to be on the lips on folks both in my faith community and among others that I love. And, it is a scary place to be, to even say aloud. It’s dark. It’s lonely, and it’s found in a state of being without a lot
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No Matter if You Want It Or Not: Resurrection


Lazarus,  John 11:1-45 Characters Welcome: Lent 2011 As much as I tried to start with a nice and tidy opening this morning, I just couldn’t because the more I thought about this passage, the more frustrated I got with it. Not because it is a story that is unknown to me (or many of you)
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Traveling Mercies


It was just a normal Tuesday afternoon at the office. Lent was quickly approaching, and I was racking my brain trying to put together our spiritual formation class for this season of the year. I knew a worship sermon series called, “Characters Welcome” had already been planned. So, whatever, I chose to had to involve stories. But, which ones? And how? Reading spiritual memoir?
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