Enduring Friendship

In a society such as ours, where most of us are so transient and live far away from biological family, friendship, it seems is growing more and more important to our stability as people. Who else do we have to call when our car dies or our children get sick or we just need someone
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Be All There


As a follow-up from my earlier post this week about balance, I thought I’d continue this same conversation along the lines of how our “I’m busy” attitudes shapes the activities in our lives that we actually have time for. I can’t tell you how many times people say to me in passing or during a
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Some of my favorite birthday gifts

Monday was my birthday and it was a wonderful day! I got several sweet gifts but I especially loved these. The way to this preacher’s heart is always flowers (thanks Kevin) and who doesn’t love a good t-shirt?


Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like a riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Though I can’t ride an actual bicycle (yes, it is true– anyone want to teach me though many have tried and failed?), I have been in several conversations lately with colleagues, friends and even with our
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Being a Doormat?

I’ve known a lot of doormats in my life (including myself at times)– not just the objects that you walk on before entering a door, but human ones . . . people who will lay down and follow commands without question as soon as a person with a tougher looking bite beings to bark. And, when I inquire
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Welcome, John

A shift in the life of Washington Plaza has occurred in the last month. We’ve hired our first pastoral intern in many, many years to help our focus on growth with the children ministry. We are eager to be more welcoming as a church to all people including preschoolers and school aged children. Rev. John
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A Radical Shift

Epiphany Series: What Does the Lord Require of Us? A Radical Shift Isaiah 58:1-9 Prior to our wedding in 2007, Kevin and I thought we knew each other well. We thought we knew what each other liked. We thought we knew our routines. We thought we could predict the needs and wants of the other.
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My Friend on Egypt

Aziz, our new friend and recent travel partner and guide in Israel was interviewed today on DC’s Fox News about the future of Egypt in light of the current crisis. Listen to him. He has wisdom to share with all of us who are so considered about the future of the Middle East. It is
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