A Thankgiving Tradition


If you ever want to get me excited, ask me about our family’s thanksgiving traditions.  Everything from basketball games, to dance videos, to Pilgrim tests, and bowling are all included in why I love Thanksgiving so much. Unfortunately, I’m not able to be with my family this year, so I’m introducing some of my thanksgiving
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Why Ordination is Not Dead


There is a growing movement it seems in progressive to liberal Baptist churches to not engage in the practice of ordination for their lay leaders. I’m not sure where the sentiment comes from other than the idea that the “priesthood of all believers” means it is unfair to set any distinction between members. I also imagine it
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What Is Hope?

Hope is this. Hope is like a single drop of syrup from a sun-scorched sky. Hope is naming the beast a prince.  Hope is like one little bud simply refusing leave the vase.  Hope is listening to the mix tape you made when you weren’t crying. Hope is like a passport groaning for stamps. Hope is “Singing in the Rain” in the Sahara. Hope
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What Gratitude Can Do


The past month of worship at Washington Plaza, we’ve been examining how God might be calling us to the practice of thanksgiving– more than just the on the day our calendar calls “Thanksgiving.”  We’ve talked about how thanksgiving can merge from a once in a while sort of experience to an everyday life approach. Going
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Courage for Writing


One of the most commonly heard excuses as to why people who have something to say don’t write are 1) time 2) courage to say what needs to be said.  The more I write, the more I realize what hard work it is. You think you are through with a piece and then it’s time to
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A Case for Theological Education


When I decided to go into ministry, even before I was sure about being one of these “crazy women pastors” I knew that I needed to go to seminary.  I don’t know if it was the constant push toward “full-time Christian ministry” in the congregation of my youth or the examples of what one did
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Church the Way You Like It


There is a growing trend in American religion that seems to be in line with our patterns in economics: consumerism. It’s about the endless search to find something that will fill us, that will meet our needs “our way.” Thus enter into the picture church shopping, the attitude of “if I don’t like this, I’ll
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