Staying Put

Check out this from my former classmate, Jonathan. What wisdom this short clip holds! Let’s all learn to stay put more and learn more about what our internal stirrings have to offer us.

Committing to Our Future

This was the theme of the service yesterday as we came together as a congregation to pledge for the upcoming year what our contributions of time, talent and finances might be. We talked a lot about how what we do now, has a lot to say about what we believe the future will look like. 
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Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Cheers to my favorite guy. Here’s to hoping your year is as fabulous as you are! And, thanks for spending it with me at church . . .


People often ask me what makes Washington Plaza such a unique place. Why is it that I love my church so much? There are often countless ways to answer this, but what keeps coming to mind is the word “authenticity.” Otherwise known as the intangible quality of being comfortable enough in your skin to freely share your
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Singing About Stewardship

It’s stewardship month around Washington Plaza. Everything we are doing in October has been focused on what it means to think about our future through the lens of God’s dreams. We’ve included special testimonies from church members about giving in the worship service, we’ve gathered in homes for meals to share ideas about what we’d
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Let the Progress Continue!

Exciting things are happening around the church. Check out these latest pictures taken by Alex Burke of our repair efforts.  They even let me take a ride on the swing scaffolding to check out the progress.

The Quality of Faithfulness

Faithfulness . . . it is a word that makes me think of committment that lasts, the saying, “half the battle is showing up” and the time-honored hymn, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” that has been sung at every major life event of mine (a dorky confession, yes I know). Yet, more I ponder this word, I believe displays
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Rebuilding, Literally!

Since coming to Washington Plaza almost two years ago now, the church leadership has impressed on their number one goal for my tenure as pastor here: rebuilding. Though beaming with potential as evidenced by many of the intangible beautiful qualities found within the membership, I quickly learned there was a lot to do in order
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