A God Who Invests

In a times of online everything, the art of staying in relationships through times of conflict and disagreement grows harder and harder it seems. Misunderstandings about just about anything can erupt easily. Break-up over text messages are a reality.  When we are dissatisfied with a person, we can “de-friend” our Facebook friends, not return phone calls, and ignore messages,  as if relationships were that
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A Congregational Church


Baptists are a crazy bunch. Just because you know one doesn’t mean you know them all.  We tend to think that we are a little less crazy than most at WPBC, but I digress. There’s a set of standard principles that make us unique (this is where types of Baptists like the Southern Baptists drive me crazy because
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Thanks for Reading


The funny thing about blogs is that folks can keep up with your life without even letting you know that they are doing so.  Can I say blog stalker? Even though this can be a little weird sometimes (I’ve had the experience of people who I don’t know walking up to me and saying, “hey,
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Modern Music and the Psalms


There’s some new exciting buzz around the church at 9:30  now. We’ve added to our adult faith formation classes offered with what is not your typical Sunday School class.  Now, not only do you have the choice of attending a discussion group in the Plaza room based on William Barclay’s commentary on the book of Acts, but there’s
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Dreams for the Future


There’s a sign that sits in my office that I found at a flea market last year. It reads: “There’s nothing like a dream to create the future.” Such is the season that Washington Plaza is entering this fall. Stewardship month is coming soon in October or otherwise known as the time of year when
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A Teaching Pastor


Recently, I’ve heard congregation members talk about my preaching or introduce me to friends as a “teaching pastor.” And my first reaction was “What? What on earth do you mean? That can’t be right!” It’s funny how our life experiences trigger certain understandings of langauge, isn’t it? Because when I hear the words “teaching pastor” my
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