I Missed Church

This past Sunday, Kevin and I were not in worship at Washington Plaza. We took the Sunday off not because of a holiday, family obligation or sickness, but just to get away and be. It was such a special treat and I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the gift of time. But, regardless
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August Family Fun Night


And the best Family Fun Night award goes to . . . . all those who came out to hang out with us this past Friday night on the Plaza! Friday’s Festivities were the best yet! It was a joy to see so many kids in the Plaza playing games, eating hot dogs and singing along
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Who Are We?


There has been a conversation shift among the leadership of Washington Plaza folks recently. As plans are made for the fall, there is a question that is on all of our minds, “What is God’s vision for our church?” We seem to be asking it everywhere recently– in the finance committee meetings as we have
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Blessing the Covenant of Marriage


While the joy of beginning a new relationship can often be fun and easy, building mutually beneficial lasting relationships are hard work. This is especially the case when a marriage covenant is involved. Saying that you want to spend the rest of your life loving another person in the best way you know how is quite difficult,
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The Voices of Prayer


It is a custom during a weekly worship service at Washington Plaza that all have an opportunity to share their prayers of request or thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite parts of the service because of its intangible quality of authenticity each Sunday. There is nothing people won’t ask prayer for. Our prayer time at Washington Plaza is
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The Wisdom of Staying Put


Last week while Kevin and I spent some time in Georgia with his family, I had a chance to catch up on a bunch of reading I’d wanted to do. One of the books I finished was by a former classmate of mine at Duke, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove called The Wisdom of Stability. Jonathan makes a strong
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Deacon Nomination Has Begun

In the spirit of re-beginning a NEW tradition at Washington Plaza, we began taking nominations for deacons this Sunday in worship. But in an effort to fully understand what we might be calling deacons to do, this is the sermon I preached today. I share it here for the benefit of those who missed worship
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A Week Away

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m off. I’m catching a flight right after worship to spend some time with my family in Georgia that will be recovering from surgery. So, as I try to be intentional about being present where I am this coming week, I’ll take a break from blogging about the church on the
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Sabbath for Pastors


Taking time off from work seems as simple as this children’s drawing doesn’t it? Step one: you don’t pick up your blackberry, your laptop, or telephone.  Step two: you participate in activities which renew your joy. Step three: you provide space in your life to care for what needs to be attended to within you, such
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