Faith Not Without Works

James 2:26 says, “As the body is dead without the spirit, so faith without works is dead.” In two Sundays, Washington Plaza is going to engage in a yearly tradition in the Reston community again: Works Sunday. Begun 15 years ago by a seminary intern at a local Reston church with a dream to find
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The longer I am a pastor of Washington Plaza and the longer I am in the DC area, the more I realize the uniqueness of our voice as a community faith. With thousands of churches and faith communities of all sorts to choose from, there is something special about our congregation.  It’s more than the fact
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God Must Not Love Me!?!

God Must Not Love Me!?!  Luke 11:1-13 Sermon Preached at Washington Plaza Baptist Church, July 25, 2010 Recently there have been a series of television commercials for a national bank seeking to re-brand itself. These commercials feature a middle-aged man who is a banker and a cast of the most adorable children interacting with the
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The Trouble With Liking Your Sermon

So here’s the background: This summer, I am preaching from the lectionary texts both from the Old and the New Testament. Because I’ve learned that I can’t seem to put my thoughts together without a series to frame them on, the series for July and August is called, “Things We Need to Talk About.” The
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Family Fun Night July 2010


Our outreach team was back in organization mode this past week as we prepared for the second installment of Family Fun Night 2010 on Lake Anne Plaza. The DC Baptist Convention has recently written about our efforts with this summer project. Check out the article by clicking here. This July’s event was the best ever! We
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Shower with Love


On Sunday after church, the ladies and a few men too from Washington Plaza got together to throw a baby shower. We are so excited that Ally Nauer will soon welcome baby Samantha to her home and thus to our lives as well. I know that “baby showers” are no big deal in many churches,
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Thoughts on Discernment

I was reading in preparation for our Way of Discernment class this evening and this quote by Marjorie Thompson stuck out to me as one of the major problems most of us face in our life transitions: Sometimes staying grounded means that we suffer. To remain rooted in who we are as beloved children of
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Things We Need to Talk about: Immigration


This past Sunday in our summer series of sermons: “Things We Need to Talk About,” I took on the issue of immigration from the perspective of the Good Samaritan story as recorded in Luke 10. Several people have asked me about the content of this sermon so here’s a bit of a teaser. If you
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This blog post is a little late coming, but I wanted to add my voice of congratulations to a sister church of ours in Annapolis, MD for calling a new pastor. Any Baptist church that successfully navigates through its transition and pastor search process is to be congratulated, as it is no easy task. For
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Prayers for Renewal


I was on vacation over the weekend for the 4th of July. This mini-vacation included a Sunday off and a couple of days at the beach. I returned back to work this morning, and as I was going through emails, I found the prayer requests shared by the congregation during the “Prayers of the People”
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