Discernment Coming Soon


Beginning in June, Washington Plaza folks will be entering a new adventure in small groups. While we are known for our intensive Bible study courses and our book discussions, this summer we venture into the world of spiritual formation. The reason behind this season’s shift stems out of a hunger I see in the congregation
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Resurrection Is the Most Wonderful Time of Year

It seems this year that the sermon series from Acts about the unfolding of resurrection has challenged me to re-think the whole concept of resurrection. Like most Christians who grew up in church, the term “resurrection” is something that I’ve heard about my entire life. “We are a people of the resurrection” and “Without the resurrection where
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What Makes My Day

If you ever want to make your pastor’s day, you could say the following (if you mean it of course): 1. Can I begin giving to the church on a regular basis? 2. I want to join a Bible Study- what are my options for this? 3.  I’ve been picking up _____ for church until
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What Does a Pastor Do?


I’ve been a part of several conversations lately with new church attendees and community members where I have been stopped in midst of our discussion together with the question: “Now, I know you work on your sermons, but what do you do the rest of the week?” It’s a timeless question that generations of pastors before me and
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Ministry of Connection

Last night, Kevin and I had the opportunity to represent Washington Plaza at the Best of Reston award dinner held at the Reston Hyatt. I was honored to be asked to pray the invocation before the event began as WPBC is recognized as one of the founding churches who believed in Reston Interfaith’s mission from its conception
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Resurrection Unfolding


What a relief that Lent is finally over! While I knew and recognized the value in the time a part from normalcy in worship and in having conversations about sin, confession and repentance, it struck me again this year how difficult the outlook of Lent is.  Not only did it affect me personally, but I saw the contemplative spirit of Lent
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Rest in Peace, Danny


In a previous lifetime it seems, I was a student associate pastor at Providence United Methodist Church in Goldsboro, NC.  I loved this church for the ways that they encouraged and supported me during my final year of seminary. The robe I preach in every Sunday was a gift from this congregation, in fact. I
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On the Fourth Day After Easter. . .


What did this pastor do? She is rested. Today is a day I have very much looked forward to because it is my Sabbath (and at this point nothing seems to be disturbing it). It is a discipline to actually take my day off because there is always the urge that there is more to do.
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A Proud Alumna


Pardon the personal post, but here goes: Though it went against all Biblical narratives of rooting for David instead of Goliath, I was proud to cheer on Duke last night to become the 2010 NCAA national champion!  Butler played a great game and I have much admiration for the way they played and carried themselves, BUT
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Preaching on Easter

It’s almost lunchtime on Saturday and I’m still working on my sermon for Easter Sunday. It has been a busy week and now I finally feel like I have the energy of thought and emotion to begin thinking about what it means that “Christ is risen indeed!” I begin this task today, however, with much
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