Participating in Lent

My Washington Plaza friends: Tthese are some suggested ways to make the 40 days of Lent, a time of spiritual renewal of the Christian Year, more meaningful.  Consider the following and know there are many other opportunities out there too. The idea is to do something that might challenge you as we all prepare our
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An Ash Wednesday to Remember


Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I look forward to greeting folks at 7 pm for our service in the sanctuary. Back by popular demand is a blog post that I wrote in February of 2007- an experience that was my first year as a full-time pastor. Please laugh along with me (though it wasn’t funny at
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Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentines to me is always about celebrating those in my life who I love on a level more than just romantic love.  It has been a day to remember friends and other dear ones, especially those who might otherwise be left out. It is a day to be thankful and remember the wonderful folks who surround me
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What a Week!

For those of you not living in the DC area and keeping up with Washington Plaza and me through this blog, you need to know we’ve just lived through a week to remember. It is a week when: We got more snow that many of us had ever seen in our entire lives. (And, in fact
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I was about to writing a blog about my frustrations with this winter, but it was going no where good. Frustrations including: Canceling church twice since December meaning the offerings needed for our survival are not as strong. Canceling the church retreat this weekend where big plans were in the works for being more involved in community
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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

This past Sunday as I was preaching on the Luke lectionary text about Jesus being rejected in Nazareth, I had reason to ponder how small towns relate to their “homegrown” leaders. Or otherwise put, the how a person can belong to a community “where everybody knows your name” and still have the strength of character be true to God’s calling. The point
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