The Day After Christmas


This is how your pastor feels (no matter who they are or where they work) the day after Christmas.  Thank goodness activity around the church seems to slow down between Christmas and New Year’s. It is a good to claim these days as family time, so that everyone can get some rest and gear up for all that
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When the Time Came

One of the parts of the Christmas story that I have clung to this season comes from Luke’s gospel. The Christmas story includes this important detail:  “When the time came” or as another translation puts it: “When the fullness of time came . . . for the child to be delivered.” It was a profound statement about how
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I am Because of You

Getting more into the rhythm of preaching every week has caused me to pause recently, thinking about the voices that have shaped and strengthened my preaching. Growing up never hearing a woman preach until I was 21, I didn’t exactly start taking notes early on in life. So, most of my influences (that I can recount)
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End of the Year Photos


As the New Year inches closer, I thought I would share some of the photos recently taken around Washington Plaza. I hope for those of you cheering us on, these glimpses into our community life will encourage you.  We are grateful for those new people God has brought our way this year but also equally thankful for those who have
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Snow, Snow and More Snow!


It is a unusal day in the Washington DC region. We got more snow than anyone ever predicted or this region had seen in many years, close to 20 inches in all.  From Friday night at 9 pm until Saturday night around midnight, it snowed and snowed and snowed so more. The Metro was even closed in
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Just Some Spare Change

As part of our Advent Vesper’s service last Wednesday night, we collected an offering. I know this sounds like no big deal. Isn’t that what you do every time you go to church? Well, not usually during study groups. Considering it was the week of our Advent study where the conversation turned to peace (and
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The Annual Report


This weekend, I sat down to write my annual report for the end of the year business meeting we held this afternoon. It was a huge task to try to sum up this year in a page or less.  I share the print copy here for those of you who missed the meeting– from my
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Religious Shopping Anyone?

Today is a day when I am cleaning off my desk and the papers that surround it. In doing so, I found this article from the Washington Post which a congregation member brought me several months ago. I thought its words were worth sharing here.  I am reminded yet again that there is  great purpose churches like
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The Mood

I can usually tell how worship is going to go from the first couple of minutes I go downstairs and observe what is happening in the foyer each Sunday morning. It is what I qualify as the mood. It is that intangible thing in the air that tells me where people are in their presence at church on a particular morning: whether
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Making Room for Advent


Tonight, we begin a new series of spiritual formation at Washington Plaza. We’ll be gathering at 7 pm for an Advent Vesper’s service to have a time of prayer, quiet mediation and discussion about how we can live more fully into the Advent way of life. The book, The Uncluttered Heart will be our guide.
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