What Makes a Church?


As we enter a season of stewardship at Washington Plaza, I am finding myself along with the leadership of the church, having conversations with folks about what their commitments might be to our organization in the coming year. We are finding that there are some who are eager to jump in to new roles and try
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A Pastor’s Vocation

Yesterday after officiating a memorial service for a beloved member of Washington Plaza who died last month, several folks came up to me after the service to talk about how beautifully the choir sang (they were great!), how lovely the shared remembrances were spoken by family members were (special words from the grand and great-grandchildren, especially),
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Talking about Race


If you are like me, the political climate of this country is growing to be more alarming by the day. By this I am not speaking of one political persuasion against another (though I have thoughts on this for another time and place) but in how we talk about issue that really matter. It seems
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Women in the Pastorate

I recieved this article from my pastor friend, Lizzie yesterday. I thought it would be food for thought on the state of women in the pastorate, especially for churches like ours that are obviously so supportive of them. Any comments or reactions to this are welcome! Number of Female Senior Pastors in Protestant Churches Doubles in
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The Gift of Holding Our Tongue


Last Sunday’s lectionary epistle reading came from the book of James, chapter 3. It is the most explicit part of scripture as pertaining to what our patterns of communion have to do with our faith. After preaching a sermon on this passage, folks came up to me afterwards and asked if I had changed the text to
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Wedding Evangelism


I know some of you dear readers might think that I’ve gone off the deep end and some of you might applaud when at the title of the post, but please keep reading . . . Last Sunday after worship, after lunch and after a worship team meeting, my day was not complete. Kevin and I were off
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Regional Churches


It is a basic idea you’ll learn in any church planting or church leadership class: reach out to your immediate community first. Get to know your neighbors. Make friends with people in the area surrounding your church building. And, let this be your mission of folks to reach. I agree with all of these things
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Simplicity Report


Over the past month at Washington Plaza, we’ve focused our energy in worship about what it means to simplify our lives just a little bit. Asking ourselves the question: “In the way of Jesus, how might our lives slow down and be re-organized just a little?” Topics that have allowed us to do this have
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Encouragement for Today

When I arrived home after a burial service yesterday for Grandison Jones at Arlington National Cemetery, I found myself thinking about this text. Though the service was a kind remembrance of him, it was sad to see tears running down the faces of long time members of Washington Plaza. It was sad to see how deeply
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The Difficulty of Going Back


So much of a person’s professional life, whatever career you have chosen, is to make connections where you find yourself and keep them over time. Keeping relationships strong that can be mutually beneficial over time to both you and the other person(s) for getting new projects starting and expanding your skills. For me, especially as
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