Not on This Sunday


Historically, Baptists have believed in separation of church and state. We don’t talk about politics in worship. We don’t support political motions in the context of church services. We believe in religious freedom for all. (Though this would not be the case in some Baptist churches because they’ve ceased to remain true to our roots).
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A Hard Preaching Task

How does one preach at a Gay Affirmation Service and stay true to the Biblical text and the nature of what is and isn’t appropriate in the pulpit? I wasn’t quite sure. I got special help this week though from my Duke friends who I hung out with eariler in the week and also through
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Why I Never Left


This week, for a couple short days, I was with several of my seminary classmates during our annual beach retreat in Hilton Head, SC. Not everyone could come due to changing family situations and recent moves, but the five of us enjoyed some great time catching up and of course swapping stories about our churches.
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The Busy Night Report


We had a great time tonight- playing games, eating hot dogs, and enjoying face painting and balloon animals at the first Family Fun night.  The Washington Plaza church volunteers were out in full force and lead the event amazingly along with help with the TLC Children’s Center– such great folks! Thanks to Eve Thompson, of
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A Busy Night Ahead


Attention all Reston folks and others in the area, come rain, come shine, you are invited tonight to: * Family Date Night on the Plaza beginning at 6:30 pm. There will be face painting, a clown, games for kids young and old, and friendly faces from Washington Plaza seeking to play with your kids. There will even be hot
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Film and Friendship


The Hagan household loves movies. When we are able, one of our favorite weekend evening activities is to head to the theater (and it doesn’t help that popcorn is one of my favorite indulgences . . .) in search of the next great film. Over the past several weeks, we’ve had the chance to see  movies that were well worth
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Monday Mornings


Monday, Monday . . . (Anyone have the song in their head that I do as I type this?) I think Monday mornings can be one of the most difficult or exciting days for pastors depending on how Sunday went. You can be bouncing off the walls with excitement for all the encouragement that has
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Website is Back!

I never knew how much I loved the church website and how much our ministry depends on it until this past week. Due to some technical errors, it was down for more than 8 days! Visitors and other interested persons were emailing about questions that it would be so easy to answer more effectively by
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Coming Soon


Sunday, June 28th 11 am as part of our “Dare to be Different” sermon series, Washington Plaza Baptist Church will celebrate Gay Acceptance Sunday. If there ever was a doubt that we were a different kind of church, this Sunday tops the cake! It is a day to celebrate the gay community that is within
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