Pentecost is Coming . . .

Washington Plaza folks, remember to wear RED on Sunday as we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church– a great festivial day in the church year! Several of you have asked me recently: what is Pentecost? Courteousy of a online Christian site, here is a good place to start
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“Teach Us to Pray”


Such was the request of the Women’s group a couple months ago. The leadership of this group of women that meet twice a month asked me to come lead a couple of sessions about what it means to pray. Some of them had expressed that they weren’t sure how they prayed or how it was
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My First Baptism

Today at Washington Plaza, we celebrated a service of baptism for two adults who have joined the church in the last several months. I was an exciting day on many levels for all of us. I walked into Sunday School this morning to find the usual crowd quite giddy with energy. We were all happy
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Thanks to the Followers

We’ve been working hard to network virtually over the past several weeks. Though I may wish that our neighbors would come to worship on Sunday mornings to get to know us personally, often times these days people know us through what we say about ourselves online. Updated, easy to follow websites are the first impression that
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It seems in our work-a-holic culture talking about taking time off or leaving the office at a reasonable hour or using all of your vacation is taboo. And, such ideas, I believe extend into the church. Pastors, especially are praised for being at every last event and meeting, working overtime and not taking their vacation
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Prayer for Discernment

I am using this Thomas Merton prayer in my sermon this morning. We are examining the topic of discernment and how God might be calling us as a congregation to engage it as a spiritual practice. It has been a favorite of mine for years and it seems like just the perfect opportunity to share
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Church Humor


I recieved this in an email from a church member this week, Mary.  A thought worth pondering. . . .

On the Road Again


Last week, I asked to attend the Transition in Ministry Conference in Indianapolis representing the Lewis Fellows program with three other of my colleagues. It was a gathering of around 125 other younger clergy, all representing different transitions into ministry programs funded through the Lilly Foundation. It felt like a honor to be among even more
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Happy Mother’s Day

Though it is a joyous day of celebration for many, Mother’s Day can be awkward in churches.  I have heard countless horror stories of how something a pastor said on Mother’s Day scarred a woman for life. I’ve heard some really bad sermons of what it means to be a “good woman” that should never
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Tending to Community Life

One of the reasons that I keep saying that I’m proud to be the Pastor of Washington Plaza and will continue to say this is because of how intentional it is with its community life. It is a group of people gathered on Sundays and at other times that actually know each other. I’ve been
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