Sunday Nights


Like most pastor friends of mine also feel, Sunday nights (whenever it is that you get home from church) are a time when you just want to relax. With Sunday being the “Superbowl” day of the week, there is nothing more you want you to do than not think about church again until Monday morning.
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Not Going As Planned

I have found myself with quite a sickness¬†and have been at home most of the week. This week has certainly not gone as planned. I’m missed work, fun meetings and even a night we planned out with some friends. Though I feel better today, I’m still going at a slower pace. But, alas, everyone gets
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Frog in the Throat


It seems that most families I know have had some sort of cold/ flu/ virus thing going around recently. I was trying to do everything I could to avoid it, especially when my husband came down with a sinus infection last week. I washed my hands a lot, sanitized the kitchen and bathrooms and did
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Six Years

Today marks the sixth anniversary of American troops being deployed in Iraq. How has it been this long already? How much longer must it be? Ann Lamott, one of my favorite spirituality authors tells the following story in her book Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith: Since the United States went to war in Iraq,
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In September of 2003, I signed up for what Duke Divinity School called “field education” eager to get some experience in a pastoral role. I had no idea where this placement would take me or how I would forge a relationship with a congregation that would continue to be a blessing to me for years
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Just Being

I have had several conversations of late where people have asked me how I got to be pastor at such a young age. It seems that when people speak to me on the phone or over email and then meet me for the first time in person, there is a gasp that comes over them
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Song in My Head

When I think about all the small steps we are are making at Washington Plaza together toward the greater things God has for us, this is the song that keeps coming to mind. It is written by Sara Groves (dear friends of mine please don’t laugh) from her 2005 album: Add to the Beauty which
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Concert Sucess

One of the exciting things going on at Washington Plaza last week was the beginning of our second season of our concert series on Saturday evening. The concert series began last year as a dream of several more musically minded members of the church as a way to a) give non-professional musiciansan opportunity to play
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Time to Sit


As many of you have also experienced big life moments, you understand me when I say they are absolutely wonderful yet exhausting. I remember how I felt on my wedding day. I could hardly sleep for weeks. I was so happy, but full of lots of nerves on the inside. So many people I loved
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