I am bursting with excitement it seems as I look forward to this coming Sunday and all of the installation activities. Kevin and I are excited to have both sets of our parents in town, from Georgia and Tennessee. I’m excited that friends from as far away as North Carolina are coming to play a role
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The Gym and the Church

As many of you know, I have recently moved into a new home and community as part of the transition to Washington Plaza. While I’m thrilled about where life has taken me, there is always a transition period no matter how much you like how things have turned out. I didn’t know where the community
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In celebration of my birthday,  I just received this gift  from my wonderful husband. If you are wondering, I got other things too, but this is the funniest gift.

What are we to do?

Watch this about a man Working the Grocery Store. It is a humbling tale of a man trying to provide for his wife, even at age 90. Where is the community of Christ in situations like these? What is the church to do in times such as this?  We hear week after week, more and
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10 Things

I am a fan of any technology that connects us and provides the opportunity for conversation. And, for this reason, I joined the latest new thing a couple years ago, Facebook. Through it I’ve been re-connected with folks that I might never of otherwise found. And, especially during my days of specialized ministry with youth
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Upcoming Big Day

If you are reading this blog, consider this your formal invitation to my Installation Service on Sunday, March 1st at 4 pm at Washington Plaza Baptist Church. We’d love to have you and meet you then if we have not already done so. We are getting excited about it around here– folks are making plans to
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My Most Important Friend


The best wedding gift I received, hands down! The youth at my previous church and their families gave it to me as a gift because I was always seeming to get lost when I took their kids home.  Several of them frequently told me, “I’ve never been anywhere with you without getting lost.” Even though I
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New Member

Yesterday at church, we had our first new member join in my tenure. I was really excited because I am a believer in church membership as a statement of “I’m here,  I’m committed to your mission and want to do what I can to help” but also because of who joined. The new member was
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Meeting Neighbors

In my little over a month tenure on the Plaza, I have learned how easy it is to stay focused completely on church affairs. . . for there is always something INSIDE the building to be done. Newsletter articles to be written, bulletins to put together, phone calls to be made to church members, and
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One Weekend, Three Religions

I have to say that I’m a bit tired this morning. Not just because Sundays are the most intense day of the week for ministers and it’s the day after, but because of all the adventures Kevin and I had this weekend. We experienced God in three unique expressions and were quite the blessed as
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