How do I know I’m making progress?


If you’re the type of person who’s interested in personal or spiritual growth (and probably you are because you’re reading this blog!) then there’s often comes a point when you wonder, “Am I making progress?  Is my life any different this year than it was the last?” It’s hard to know sometimes, of course– self-improvements
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Opening Your Eyes to Love the Earth


It’s very easy to judge the surroundings of a place by the people, politics or your perceptions of the people or politics. It’s easy to say “this place is ugly” or “this place is so inviting” based on the welcome you receive. And it’s easy to fly through life with such a speed that you
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Talk to Me!

A Sermon Preached at The Federated Church, Weatherford, OK on Luke 24:13-33 There’s a country song by Miranda Lambert that I became familiar with several years ago. I loved when it first came on the radio because it reminded me so much of the small town in Georgia where Kevin grew up and we were
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Breathless with Gratitude


A friend recently asked me how I felt about leaving Oklahoma soon.  This is what I said: “I am breathless with gratitude.” I think it surprised her that I didn’t give a simple: “I’m happy” or “I’m sad” about it answer. I think she even would have been satisfied with a “Change is hard” statement from
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A Post-Resurrection Hangover

A sermon preached at Federated Church:  John 20:19-31 I don’t know about you, but when I have something really big happen to me, what usually follows is a hangover. I don’t mean a literal drunken hangover (well, maybe it has happened before), but an emotional one where I have to take a step back and
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The Pictures We Post Online


It was a online cute photo fest over the weekend, wasn’t it? The sweetest family photos we’ve ever seen at church, children decked out sitting next to the Easter bunny, and even grown-ups too posting pictures of themselves hiding eggs in their backyard. Beautiful dresses at church. Children in green yards holding Easter baskets. And
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Easter that Outlives the Day


No matter if we express them or not, Easter is full of expectations. If you attend church on Easter, you might expect to see some fine dressed folks—it’s the Sunday best of the Sunday best day of the year, isn’t? You might have expected to see more people in the pews than on a more
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Showy Faith?


Back for my birthday in February, I got a new toy: a Fitbit. It’s a activity tracker that I wear on my body at all possible times. Kevin already had one for a couple of weeks. A true competitor at heart, I happily accepted the gift and the challenge of walking my way to a more
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