Find Out Who You Are: Quit Your Job!

In December 2012, I quit my job. I didn’t have another one to go to. And though there were lots of extenuating circumstances that led me to believe that I knew what would be next– at heart I really didn’t have a plan. It was very UNLIKE me. All I knew was that Kevin could
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A Life that Counts: Making time for Friends


Where would you and I be today without the people we call “friends?” Who else do we have to call when we have the most horrible day imaginable? How else would we have gotten through those “ugly cry” years? Who else would we turn to when the best, beyond the best thing happens to us?
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A Side of God We Often Do Not Want to See

A Side of God We Really Don’t Want to See: Exodus 33:12-23  a sermon preached at The Federated Church, Weatherford, OK In all human relationships– with our spouses, our children, our friends—there are ebbs and flows, aren’t there? There are days when we wonder why in the world we ever got married, had kids or
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Why Do I Support Marriage Equality?


It’s been a big couple of weeks in the movement of marriage equality in the United States. These are the times we’re living in: Supreme Court’s ruling to refusal to hear appeals from several states– making a way last week for same-sex unions to begin Oklahoma, Virginia, Utah, Indiana and Wisconsin Vatican using the word “gay”
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Confessions of a Former Evangelical

When I was growing up in the Southern Baptist Church, I learned the Christian life was about these things: Praying a lot. Reading our Bibles every morning. Coming to church as often as we could. And of course tithing 10% of your income back to the offering plate. I don’t think my faith is could
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Things Are Not As They Seem


When people observe your life from afar, it’s real easy to make assumptions. Social media helps us with this. We don’t actually have to “know” people in real life to be Facebook friends or to have a Twitter relationship. And we can all comment . . . on everything. The culture of “Christmas (brag) letters”
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A Life of Broken Pieces

“This is not the life I’d want!” It’s a declaration I hear often as a pastor. It’s something I’ve said about my own life too. Living the life you don’t want to have IS scary place to be. It so difficult to even utter aloud. It’s dark. It’s lonely. And it’s the time that many of our  friends
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