So, I Hear You’re A Baptist?

One of the first question people ask when they learn I’m a preacher is, “What kind are you?” Though there are a thousand ways to answer this question, I know what the person is really asking. They want to know who I am? They want to know what denomination or faith group I associate with.
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What is Saving Your Life Right Now?

There’s a popular poem about JOY which you may have heard before. It’s an acrostic: Jesus first Others second Yourself last. It’s another way of saying, “If you really want to be happy in life, you’ll learn to love Jesus more than anyone else, even yourself.” I was taught this way of life as child. It
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Why are the Hagans Leaving Feed the Children?


Choose Life: Deuteronomy 30:15-31:6 A sermon preached to staff and children at Feed the Children Kenya, May 6, 2015 When we wake up in the morning, no matter who we are or where we come from, we all have choices. For example: we can choose to eat the breakfast put before us or not eat anything
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I’ve Got Mother’s Day Pain


It’s the week of Mother’s Day. And it’s that time of year that the church struggles to know what to do with women who aren’t mothers in the traditional sense. Pastors muse about, “Who gets a rose and who doesn’t?” The church ladies are known to whisper: “What should we do since ___ doesn’t have
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Beautiful and Terrible Things Will Happen


Years ago I was turned onto this quote from my friend Amy’s Facebook page. I remember reading it over and over again back then– thinking, about how true the paradox was. Life is full of both beautiful and terrible things. But, lately I think of these words all the time. This is the world. Beautiful
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There’s A Woman in the Pulpit

It’s so easy in some corners of the world to believe that women in ministry is old news. We hear stories of women breaking the glass ceiling in big pulpits like this. We hear stories of women’s appointments to positions like this. Or we hear of ordained clergy like this having their books top the
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Dance Your Own Dance


When is the last time you felt alive? When is the last time you felt inspired? For me, meeting new people with wisdom is always enlivens me (even if I meet these new people through books)! So today, I want to tell you about a book of wisdom that I’ve come back to again and
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