Making Room for the Unexpected


When we think what will make our Christmas really amazing this year, I’m sure all of us have some ideas . . . A phone call from that family member we haven’t heard from in a while. Santa bringing us something that we actually like. An oven that magically bakes the best bread for Christmas
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Something Changed


I travel a lot these days to hug children, to greet staff and to write stories about how Feed the Children’s donors are helping kids have clean water, access to education and more sustainable food sources around the world. Sometimes, I wake up not knowing where I am! But when I figure it out, I
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Advent: An Invitation Into the Desert

A sermon preached at The Federated Church, Weatherford, OK . . .  Mark 1:1-8 Our lives get really busy this time of year, don’t they? Parties to attend. Presents to buy. Family celebrations to prepare for . . . Even look at the back of the bulletin this morning and you’ll see a list long
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Love Is the Only Way


These weeks in Tanzania and Kenya, my eyes and ears have been overwhelmed by many things: Children who walk miles to school without shoes. Children without access to clean water in their community. Children who grow up without parents. Leaders who take advantage of their people, ignoring the needs of their children. Knowing that God’s
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Baby Jesus Blog: An Advent Study

20 days old baby sleeping in a christmas nativity crib

It is Advent. Mary is 36 weeks pregnant, and baby Jesus is due any day. How do we learn to wait for a baby savior? Waiting for Christmas is about waiting for a baby to be born, and as any mom will tell you, that kind of waiting is hard work. We get impatient. We
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Learning in Africa


Jambo (hello) from Kenya. For the past two weeks, I’ve found myself traveling in East Africa to participate in the work of Feed the Children. I’ve taken early morning flights. I’ve brushed my teeth with bottled water. I’ve visited primary schools. I’ve watched the sun set over the Indian Ocean. I’ve taken lots of pictures
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What Do You Invest in?

Sermon written for The Federated Church, Weatherford, OK Matthew 6:19-21 Money doesn’t grow on trees; save before you spend. Prepare for retirement. Have your nest egg ready. Many of us learn and repeat such life management principles as if they were Bible verses. And, it’s common sense, right? And our financial advisors would tell us
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4 Things Congregations Need from their Pastor

In my life, I’ve seen the pastor/ congregational relationship from many different angles: Growing up as the child of pastor from birth Serving several congregations as a student intern Leading a congregation as both an associate and senior minister Visiting congregations as an ordained pastor without a church In these situations, I’ve heard a lot
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