When You’ve Royally Screwed Up: Then What?

Besides the common saying that “there are two things that you can be certain of ” (Do you know what they are?) DEATH and TAXES, I would add two more things. You can be certain that human beings will do stupid things from time to time and also not want to admit that they’ve done
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Imagine a New World: Pentecost

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“Imaging a New World” Sermon Preached at Riverdale Presbyterian Church, Hyattsville, MD Acts 2:1-21 with Genesis 11:1-9 Can you remember the last time or anytime you were in an environment where you spoke a different language than everyone else? It could have been on an international trip either to the US for the first time
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A Baptism Selfie

Who You Really Are:  a Baptism Selfie Matthew 3:13-17 Preached January 12, 2013: Watonga Indian Baptist Mission Watonga, OK It has been said the word of the year of 2013 was “selfie.” Do you know what a selfie is? It’s a picture you take of yourself when there is no one else around to take
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Preaching Christmas in November in Nairobi

With no thanksgiving holiday to wait to pass, Christmas came early this year in Nairobi among the FTC family. It was a delight to be able to share in a worship service with the entire Kenyan staff this week. God Finding Us Dagoretti Children’s Center, November 22, 2013 Nairobi, KENYA Isaiah 1:2-4, Luke 2:1-20 When
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I Want to Know Christ

I Want to Know Christ Philippians 3:7-11 Preached: August 11, 2013, Martin Luther King Christian Church, Reston, VA I always knew when I was younger that one day I’d want to be married. I would want to have a life partner—someone in whom I could share in all of life’s most memorable moments with and
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Not So Silent Night

Luke 2:1-20 Christmas Eve 2012 Silent night, holy, night, all is come, all is bright. Round yon virgin Mother and Child . . . I get chills every time I sing this song, especially on this night. I don’t know about you, but it seems to be the one carol of all Christmas carols that
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Disappointment with God


 Yesterday, I began a series of messages sticking close to the I Samuel lectionary texts– a series which hopes to expand the Biblical literacy of the congregation– really getting into the stories about Israel and come to understand more of the character of God. Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s sermon which focused on I Samuel
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A New Relationship


Lenten Series– Promises in the Night:  A New Relationship Jeremiah 31:32-34 with Mark 14: 66-72 Lent is a self-reflective time when we are asked to slow down and reconsider parts of our lives that we might just rush through at other times of the year. So, in the spirit of the season, I’d like to
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Reconsidering Joseph: the Forgotten One


Love That Binds Us Together: Matthew 1:18-25 This week I was putting up Christmas decorations around our home and time came for my favorite part: arranging the nativity.  Though some preachers I know take Advent to the extreme (I know you think I’m one of them, but trust me, I am not) and refuse to
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