An Interfaith Conversion

We live in a growing interfaith world. We simply do not marry or interact or learn from people who come from the same exact faith background as us. Rarely do any us stay “one thing” our whole life without influence from another tradition. And, because of social media, have so many opportunities to know who
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Listening to God

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” Luke 5:16 What does this practice look like in our modern context? Last summer I spent a week of training for my spiritual director certificate at the Interfaith Institute in Berkeley, CA. Throughout the week, my cohort explored the practice of deeply listening to one another
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When Love Changes Things

It is easy in many religious circles to push people away based on what they believe or profess. We can’t be friends anymore because you believe in evolution. I believe in creationism. We can’t be friends anymore because you believe in gay marriage. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. We can’t
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I’m Spiritual but Not Religious

 I’m Spiritual but Not Religious: James 1:17-27 Today’s excuse in our “Excuses” series is among the most commonly cited why people don’t come to church. I’ve heard countless versions of it during my tenure as Pastor at Washington Plaza, even. “Pastor, I don’t think I need to come to church. I’d rather commute with God by watching the
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Why Do People Leave Church?


One of the greatest surprises I have encountered in my almost 4 years of ministry as a lead pastor relates to the practice of leaving church. Growing up in the South, there would be times when people left the church to begin to attend other churches. In the DC area it seems especially in my
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GCB: it’s Not for Me


There are some moments of your life that you simply waste. Minus having this blog to write, I could say this about my television viewing experience last night watching the pilot episode of the ABC drama, “GCB.” It’s a satirical drama set in the city of Dallas, TX well set within themes of southern culture and religion.
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God Calls You to See What Others Don’t


God Calls You: to See What Others Don’t  I Samuel 3:1-10; Romans 12:1-8 Several years ago while participating in the Lewis Fellows Young Clergy Leadership program, our group of 30 pastors gathered in Atlanta, Georgia for 3 days of workshops. One afternoon, our discussion sessions suspended and we were all encouraged to walk from our
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God Calls You to “Those” People


God Calls You to “Those” People: Jonah 3:1-5, 10 When I was in seminary, a peer of mine, who later became a dear friend, realized one important truth the first day of Old Testament class. Brad did not know the basic stories of the Bible. He knew little to nothing about Abraham, Moses, the 12
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Heaven and Hell: What’s the Difference?

Conversations about Heaven and Hell: Who Goes Where? Matthew 25:31-46 It has been a hell of a week, hasn’t it? From the unthinkable earthquake, to the tropical storm battering our homes yesterday, to the ever-changing political situation around our globe as leaders rise and fall with no end in sight, the past few days have
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