The Way God Sees the World

The Way God Sees the World Matthew 5:1-12 (Micah 6:1-8) Sermon Preached at St. Matthew’s Presbyterian, Silver Spring, MD Let me start off this morning by saying that I realize the sermon title: “The Way God Sees the World” is presumptuous. Last time I checked, I was not nor ever would be called God. Even
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When You’ve Just Got to Say Wow


This week I’ve been reading Anne Lamott’s latest: Help, Thanks, Wow. It’s a book about three essential prayers that Lamott says are necessary for all of us to go back to over and over again. Saying to God, “Help!” “Thanks!” and “Wow!” The first two sections were typical Anne Lamott good– honest, raw, and real.
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We All Have Pain


The juxtaposition of my life these past couple days has been interesting—attending a Christian conference discussing orphan ministries and global poverty in a well-to-do suburb of Nashville, TN to now being among kids in poverty in rural villages in Guatemala assisting with feeding programs with the staff of Feed The Children. There’s still much to
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Join the Movement: Caring for Orphans


Who is the church called to care for? Who is the church asked to speak for? Who is the church told to lift up? For those of us who believe in the mission of the church, each of us has our favorite answers to these questions. Many say the church is called in mission to
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One Day Without Shoes


Today, I am participating with my friends at Feed The Children in their pledge to go one day without shoes. It’s a cold day in Oklahoma and I have missed wearing shoes for sure, especially when an errand I needed to do took me on the streets of downtown OKC. It’s an emphasis begun by
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The Poor Among Us


Today, I watched as 800 people stood in line with grocery sacks, trash bags and wheeled carts waiting to get food. Most if not all were minorities. Many were elderly, walking with canes or walkers. Many were young mothers with babies in strollers or in car seats. Many looked cold after standing in line for
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Waiting With the Shepherds


Waiting with the Shepherds Luke 2:8-12 Who is on your list of people that you don’t like? Of course, talking about people who we don’t like isn’t really something we often do in public, especially in church. And, I know it is Christmas. Most of us are well on our way to be appearing to
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A Life That Counts


Mark 12:38-44 There are weeks when I have scripture texts before me and I wonder as I prepare what the writer of the text was smoking (for I just can’t figure out the point) and there are times I think I have absolutely no experience with the implied message of the text and feel so
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The Slums

At dusk last night, I walked through the slums of Cebu City, Philippines. The invitation to walk through the slums at nightfall came after our delegation spent the afternoon at Pasil Elementary, where Feed The Children is highly revered. Last year the elementary got a new wing of state of the art classrooms with funding
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To Love Mercy


Mark 10:17-31 Last week, we began by asking ourselves some big picture questions as a congregation: who are we? And where are we going? Following the lead of Micah 6:8, we answered by remembering that our first calling as a community is to do justice by simply opening our eyes and seeing people that we
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