No Fear in Love

How hard it is for us strong, “can do anything types” to not be afraid of love! Love given and acknowledged always  holds a level of vulnerability that sometimes we simply aren’t willing to show. But, that our souls truly need. This week has been a happy one around our house in particular. In October, there is the
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Getting the Preacher Home


When is the last time you were really searching for something? Can you remember the last knock out, drag out all of the couch cushions, search every cranny of all of the drawers, crawl under the bed, call lost and retrace your steps until you are exhausted—all in pursuit of something meaningful to you that you
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Troubling Church Talk


When I’ve been around denominational meetings and big picture think-tank type settings lately, I’ve left such gatherings sad more than anything.  Sad not because the food was bad or the company was boring or even because I’d rather be somewhere else, but because it seemed the church (universal) is more divided than ever, focused on things
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