Getting Married to God


On Monday, November 4th, I celebrated the 7th anniversary of my ordination. Seven years ago this week, I stood at the front of a church– Calvary Baptist Church in Washington DC and said to the congregation gathered of family, friends and congregation members that I would serve God in my vocational pursuits. I said I
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Not All Worship Is the Same


I’ve been around church for years. And I think I’ve seen so much of what makes church, church these days– Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship Contemplative Worship Worship by the Common Book of Prayer Worship where tongues are spoken Worship where hands are raised Worship in shorts Worship in suits Worship with shouts Worship in silence
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Writing In Other Places


For all of you faithful blog readers out there, I wanted to take this Tuesday morning to say thank you for reading! It means so much to me that you’d share some of your precious time with me and my musings. And second, I want to let you know that if you enjoy reading here, I also write in several
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A Tired Pastor

You are out of words. People seek from you what you don’t have anymore. You plan retreat and they come and find you. Pray for me, pastor. Visit me, pastor. Solve my problems, pastor. What do you do? With compassion, you keep going. You get out of bed. You bathe. You get dressed. You show up.
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Preacher Goes to the White House

Tomorrow morning, I will be a part of a 65+ other Baptist pastors on a “Goodwill” delegation to the White House. Our group which includes such cool pastors as those from this church, and this church and this church among many others from all over the country. Together, we will meet with senior White House staffers to discuss
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Something to Celebrate: Deacons


Any leader is only as good as their team mates and back-up support on call. This is what I know from being a pastor. When I first came to Washington Plaza, as the pastor, with only two other part-time staff members to help carry the load, I had no pastoral back-up. (Not even a retired minister
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Art, Pastoral Life and Books

The pastoral life like any other profession, I believe is an art form. To practice it is to create: to explore the unknown deep waters of life through practice, mistakes, more practice and more mistakes and hopefully come out with something beautiful on the other side. One of the best things I do to stay
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A Word to My Sisters


When I began the journey into the strange world called being a Baptist female pastor, I knew there would be challenges. I knew there would be folks who would throw the Bible at me wondering if I believed in the same gospel as them. I knew I would have trouble finding positions to serve that my male
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