How the Light Gets In

It is so easy when life get stuck in rough patches to focus solely on what is going wrong. It is easy to allow the imperfection around you define who you are. It is easy to allow the darkness to over take you. And this looks a lot like hiding. It looks like crawling in
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Wait Here

Wait Here: A Conversation with Exodus 24:12-18 & Matthew 17:1-9 Sermon Preached at Broadneck Baptist Church, Annapolis, MD Today, we are waiting here. Waiting together. Waiting on a word. Waiting on some truth. Waiting on God to show up and help us be different people than we came into this room, right? Its kind of the point
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What Kind of Light Are We?

This Sunday, I began a month-long series in what congregation members have identified as their favorite scriptures. Anything was a possibility, really anything. Of course I was a little afraid as to what I might get as suggestions! But the responses I got were actually pretty tame (thank God!). First up, Matthew 5:13-16. Thanks for reading: I don’t
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I am the Lord


Promise in the Night Lenten Series: I am the Lord Isaiah 43:1-7 with Mark 14:43-46, 53-62 This morning as we begin our conversation together about this week’s promise in the night– Jesus saying to us, “I am Lord.” I think it might be good if you are willing to work with me here for us
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The Light Has Come! Christmas is Here!


Let the Light Come: Christmas Eve 2011 Isaiah 9: 2-7 What are we celebrating tonight? (Christmas? Anyone excited about Santa? And still some of you might say it is Jesus’ Birthday?) Jesus’ birthday is the answer I learned as a child growing up in Sunday School. Christmas was all about Jesus’ birthday. Tonight is not Jesus’ real birthday
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