What Does Joy Look Like? Part 2

In a couple of days my Kenyan adventures will be over– for this time around– and when I think of the word that comes to mind, all I am still stuck with is JOY. How in a country with so much need, so much poverty, so much corruption can there be joy? How in a
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Why Do I Write?

You haven’t seen me blog as much as I normally do lately other than posting sermons. Writing like a crazy woman some days, I’ve sought to give more attention to my book long project instead of other stuff. When I come out of my writing cave and seek to tell people what I’ve been up to,
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I am the Lord


Promise in the Night Lenten Series: I am the Lord Isaiah 43:1-7 with Mark 14:43-46, 53-62 This morning as we begin our conversation together about this week’s promise in the night– Jesus saying to us, “I am Lord.” I think it might be good if you are willing to work with me here for us
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No Fear in Love


How hard it is for us strong, “can do anything types” to not be afraid of love! Love given and acknowledged always  holds a level of vulnerability that sometimes we simply aren’t willing to show. But, that our souls truly need. This week has been a happy one around our house in particular. In October, there is the
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God’s Calling to Take Care of Yourself


God Calls You to Take Care of Yourself I Corinthians 6:11-20 Today we begin a series of messages in this season of Epiphany all about God’s calling to us. It’s the time of year that the Christian calendar asks us to do some consideration again about this life of faith that we’ve committed to live
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