To Remember Who You Are

A couple weeks ago with Kevin out of the country for work and no particular geographic place I needed to be I packed up from DC and headed south toward North Carolina. While I was in seminary I worked to keep my student debt at $0 as a student associate pastor at a rural United
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Building Community


At its core, I believe that Christianity is a communial faith. It’s a committment to a lifestyle that none of us can choose to live alone. We need exhortation, correction and support from one another not only to know God more fully, but to stay on the often difficult path we call discipleship. Creating community
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Being Thankful


The countdown is on . . . I have to say that thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday of them all. Some of my most favorite childhood memories were made during thanksgiving extravaganzas planned with my cousin, Ellis, four years my elder (which of course made him extra cool). Those of you who’ve spent Thanksgiving with
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Redefining God as Parent


Our last in the series of “Sermons by Request” continued this morning. Finding out that this was the passage chosen made my head spin a little… I didn’t know what I’d make of such. But in the e d thankful for this week’s theological wrestlings. Romans 1:18-25 One of the most important questions of faith
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No Fear in Love


How hard it is for us strong, “can do anything types” to not be afraid of love! Love given and acknowledged always  holds a level of vulnerability that sometimes we simply aren’t willing to show. But, that our souls truly need. This week has been a happy one around our house in particular. In October, there is the
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