Pentecost Possibilities

My favorite Sunday of the year is hands down: Pentecost. I loved having a chance to preach it this year at this church. Who doesn’t love an excuse to wear red, adorn the church with colorful banners and have a birthday cake at coffee hour after worship?  And personally, I love having an excuse to
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Imagine a New World: Pentecost

la foto (1)

“Imaging a New World” Sermon Preached at Riverdale Presbyterian Church, Hyattsville, MD Acts 2:1-21 with Genesis 11:1-9 Can you remember the last time or anytime you were in an environment where you spoke a different language than everyone else? It could have been on an international trip either to the US for the first time
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Afraid of Change

While recently attending a writing workshop, the presenter offered some advice that hasn’t left me since I first heard it. “If you want to write well, if you want to connect with your audience,” she offered, “You always must tell the truth. There’s nothing that can spoil a good story faster than a character who
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