Pentecost Possibilities- Rebekah Hutto

Pentecost 2013

Today, as our summer Thursdays “Pentecost Possibilities” series continues, I’m glad to introduce my friend and colleague, Rebekah Hutto to the blog. She’s a mother of Hannah Ruth as pictured to the left. Rebekah has allowed the Spirit to lead her to combine two of her favorite things– children’s books and the season of Pentecost
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Two Years

Christian and Elizabeth

On June 4th, Kevin celebrated his second anniversary as President and CEO of Feed the Children. It has been two years (gasp) since our lives as a family have been turned upside down by this opportunity to lead and serve. The people, the staff, the countries that have come into our hearts over the last two
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Being Real, Getting Hurt

One of my favorite children’s books of all times is the Velveteen Rabbit. But like most good children’s stories, it’s really not a children’s story. It’s a tale that has important things to say to adults trying to figure out the great question of: “How now shall we live? The following scenario (that is one
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Waiting With Hope: Day 5- Dayna Olson-Getty

Then will the eyes of the blind be opened And the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then will the lame leap like a deer, And the mute tongue shout for joy. Isaiah 35:5 – 6 What does it mean to hope for a child whose prognosis is hopeless? At our 20-week ultrasound appointment, my husband
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What Does Joy Look Like? Part 2

In a couple of days my Kenyan adventures will be over– for this time around– and when I think of the word that comes to mind, all I am still stuck with is JOY. How in a country with so much need, so much poverty, so much corruption can there be joy? How in a
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What Does Joy Look Like? Part 1

I’ve been in Kenya for over five days now– and all I can say is that even with difficulties (there have been some)– this place causes joy to rise up for me. It’s hard not to keep smiling! What I mean by joy is not just happiness (though there has been that too), but what
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And It All Goes Back to Candy

At the end of the day, no matter where in the world you are, there’s one thing that always makes kids excited: the candy. Even the big kids like my husband . . .

One Day Without Shoes

Today, I am participating with my friends at Feed The Children in their pledge to go one day without shoes. It’s a cold day in Oklahoma and I have missed wearing shoes for sure, especially when an errand I needed to do took me on the streets of downtown OKC. It’s an emphasis begun by
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I’m Not Smart Enough

Excuses Series: I’m Not Smart Enough–Mark 9:30-37 Have you ever found yourself in a situation or a conversation with someone and have wanted to throw up your hands and say, “This is all just over my head. What you are saying is beyond me!” Maybe this was a time you were in Algebra in high
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