Hitting the Plazas of Nashville and Honolulu


These days the life plan of our household never extends beyond two months ahead– and this is if we are lucky. Kevin and I take opportunities as they come. Kevin never knows when the next international crisis will hit that will need us to pick up and travel. I never know when an opportunity to
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Not Afraid Anymore


As you might imagine with my days in local church pastor land drawing to a close, I’ve had a lot of packing to do. I’ve been sorting through books, papers and sermon files over the past several days. And in doing so, I’ve discovered all sorts of treasures, as you usually do when you begin to
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Writing In Other Places


For all of you faithful blog readers out there, I wanted to take this Tuesday morning to say thank you for reading! It means so much to me that you’d share some of your precious time with me and my musings. And second, I want to let you know that if you enjoy reading here, I also write in several
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Are Times Changing in the SBC?


Yesterday, I got the word via twitter that Fred Luter, pastor of Franklin Ave Baptist Church became President of the Southern Baptist Convention, elected at their annual meeting this week. Such is a fact that I normally would not pay any attention to (I’ve long left my SBC roots since the day I felt a call to
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Preacher Goes to the White House

Tomorrow morning, I will be a part of a 65+ other Baptist pastors on a “Goodwill” delegation to the White House. Our group which includes such cool pastors as those from this church, and this church and this church among many others from all over the country. Together, we will meet with senior White House staffers to discuss
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This I Believe

This week on Monday and Tuesday, I gathered at a retreat for Baptist pastors in the Northern Virginia and DC region on the topic of narrative leadership. The center point of this retreat was stories and the idea that we only know who we are as leaders and as congregations is when we tell and
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