Being the CEO’s Wife


At a dinner party recently I was introduced to a group of people gathered around cocktails as “Kevin’s wife.” Not Elizabeth (or Pastor Elizabeth like I used to be at the church). Not even by my title at Feed The Children (yes, I have one. They’ve starting calling me the Ambassador of Social Advocacy). But
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Well, Hello Again: Africa


My travels on behalf of Feed The Children this week have taken Kevin and I back to the continent of Africa. It’s been over a year since we last stood on this land. It has been a year when our hearts have grown in courage– for all that a responsibility for such a time as
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The Year of Biblical Womanhood’s Gifts


Recently, I finished reading Rachel Held Evans’ second book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself. I did not read this book because I think there is any such ideal of Biblical Womanhood as these folks claim. What a crock! I did not read this book (as others have done) seeking
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Same Love– what the church needs to know


Macklemore has been one of the most played new voices on the hip hop scene this season, especially as millions have fallen in love with his hit, “Thrift Shop.” And can I say, I’m in love with the social advocacy flavor of his entire body of work, The Heist. Macklamore is not your average rapper
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Five Things You Can Do for the People of Oklahoma

We’ve all been glued to our tvs the last 24 hours, watching the coverage of the devastating tornado that destroyed the town of Moore, OK and surrounding areas. When it first hit, I watched with careful attention– maybe even closer than most because I was in Washington DC and Kevin was in Oklahoma City. Fear
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We All Have Pain


The juxtaposition of my life these past couple days has been interesting—attending a Christian conference discussing orphan ministries and global poverty in a well-to-do suburb of Nashville, TN to now being among kids in poverty in rural villages in Guatemala assisting with feeding programs with the staff of Feed The Children. There’s still much to
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Join the Movement: Caring for Orphans


Who is the church called to care for? Who is the church asked to speak for? Who is the church told to lift up? For those of us who believe in the mission of the church, each of us has our favorite answers to these questions. Many say the church is called in mission to
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Times are Changing, Get on Board


Times are changing . . . Yesterday it was all the news US media outlets: Jason Collins came out. Saying in a Sports illustrated article: “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” Collins, who currently plays for the Washington Wizards made history yesterday becoming the first openly gay athlete in a major
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Peace Through Friendship


I love independent theaters. I love films that may or may not get press or bring filmmakers lots of money, but present a message through their art medium that make you think. I love films that stir up conversation long after the credits roll. For me one such film I recently watched in the documentary
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Feeling Out of Sorts


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be out of step or out of sorts with the rest of your community. Maybe it is because the tragedies of last week in Boston and in Waco, TX still lay heavy on so many of our hearts. Though the news cycle will soon
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