What Makes You Happy?


Recently a friend and I were having the conversation about the fact that women (of course some men too) do a really crappy job of telling people what they need. We’re really good at saying, “What can I do for you?” or giving a passive aggressive piece of advice to our partners or friends, but
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Why Do You Read the Bible?


Continuing with my series of questions about the life of faith. Up today: why do you read the Bible? When I was a child, I was told that the Bible was God’s word, no errors in it at all. Moses, you know, wrote the first five books and Jesus said word for word everything we
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Why Do You Pray?


As a child, I was taught that prayer was talking to God. It was right to give thanks to God for food. I was encouraged to pray for those who were going through difficult times. I learned that if you didn’t confess sin before you prayed then God wouldn’t be too happy with you. And,
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Walking Humbly with God


Mark 10:35-45 When is the last time you got in the car with a group of friends and somebody called, “shotgun?” Do you know what it means? As my twelve-year-old nephew, Jayce likes to remind me every time we take him out on an outing, “Calling shotgun means you get to sit in the front seat
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Writing In Other Places


For all of you faithful blog readers out there, I wanted to take this Tuesday morning to say thank you for reading! It means so much to me that you’d share some of your precious time with me and my musings. And second, I want to let you know that if you enjoy reading here, I also write in several
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To Love Mercy


Mark 10:17-31 Last week, we began by asking ourselves some big picture questions as a congregation: who are we? And where are we going? Following the lead of Micah 6:8, we answered by remembering that our first calling as a community is to do justice by simply opening our eyes and seeing people that we
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When I Am Not Writing My Sermon


In my weekly schedule Friday is usually set aside as sermon writing day. It doesn’t always happen (you know, there’s always Saturday), but I try to honor the discipline of time it takes to write a thoughtful sermon by putting it as my only “do to” on Fridays. It is also a day I work
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Ten FriendshipThoughts for Tuesday


1. Best piece of advice  I ever got about becoming an adult was- “Make good friends and keep them.” I ran across this quote last week from Anne Lamott and posted it on Facebook. Seems to be appropriate to share here too: “It’s funny: I always imagined when I was a kid that adults had some
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