Everything Happens for a Reason . . . Not


“Everything happens for a reason” such are words that we, as pastoral care givers are often tempted to use though they are not in the Bible anywhere. We deal with so much crisis. We get tired of saying profound things. We want to feel good about the care we are giving, knowing that our care is making
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There is Always Hope


There is Always Hope Luke 1:5-20 If you were among the millions who did any shopping out and about or simply breathed this weekend, there’s no mistaking in  our culture, what is coming. For the anticipation has been building for weeks now. . . .  Walk into Starbucks (as I seem to do a couple
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My Thanks


What are you grateful for? I mean, really, what are you grateful for? Such is a question that many of us are asked on a regular basis as the season of Thanksgiving approaches. When asked, we might scratch our heads, and fill in the usual blanks with statements such as “I’m thankful for my family.”
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The One Who Said Thank You


The One Who Said Thank You: Luke 17:11-19 If your mother or parent figure in your life was anything like my mother, there was one thing certain after any birthday or Christmas celebration with family. We’d be required to write thank you notes. Who cares that it was the “job” of my grandmother and father
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Letting Go

When I first arrived on the scene as Pastor of Washington Plaza almost three years ago now, I was handed a stack of files to read to get to know the church a little better. Though a common practice– often it is what occurs with any professional during their first week of work at any
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Time, do we have all we need?


I find myself being aware of the fact that I think about time almost all the time. . . . . How I don’t have enough of it. How fast it seems to fly on Saturdays: the one day of the week I get to spend completely with Kevin and other non-church friends. How slow it seems to
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It’s Time to Grow Up


Grow Up! Hebrews 5:12-6:3 In the lectionary cycle, we are reaching the end of the time of year that is named “ordinary time.” Next week, we will celebrate a service of remembrance of Thanksgiving and then the following Sunday, November 27th will begin Advent. (Hard to believe we are at Advent again, isn’t it?) Though
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Worship and a Hug


Do we truly understand how much God loves us and wants to bless us? Today in worship we talked how BLESSING is one of the themes found in Matthew’s Beatitudes– that as Jesus spoke these words of “Blessed are . . .” he was seeking to tell this followers exactly how he already felt about them. Jesus
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