Pastoral Care Through Text


When texting became all the more mainstream (especially with those under the age of 30) around 2005-2006 ish, I was a bit skeptical of the practice. What was the point? Why not just call someone? Even with my reservations, I got in, especially as  youth in the church where I was serving full-time were texting me
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The Ten Commandments Revisited


Tomorrow in the conclusion of our “Intentional Life” series, I’m tackling the topic of what the giving of the Law, in particular what the Ten Commandments might have to offer us has how God intents for us to live in community. As I prepare to preach this week as this often happens, there is just too much
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What Marriage Is and Not


Today, I’m celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary alongside a man I think is a really amazing guy, but instead of turning this blog post into a purely personal narration of how much I love this man I admire more than any other in the world I wanted to consider marriage in a much larger context.
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New Writing Venture

I recently started writing with Provokive Magazine, an online journal which seeks to address this: In a world saturated with people shouting at each other, it’s rare to find a place where people can engage in conversation with each other. Provoketive Magazine hopes to change that. We’re creating a space of rich conversation about life,
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Intentions and Holding on to Hope


Change is inevitable, growth is intentional –Colin Wilson Such was one of the quotes we discussed together as a small group gathered at the Brunson’s home on Tuesday night last week. Gathered together in the spirit of stewardship season as our theme is “An Intentional Life” we talked about the ways that we’ve each been both intentional
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Having an Intentional Vision


Intentional Vision Exodus 17:1-7 When you were a child what were your dreams for your life? What did you want to be when you grew up? What did you imagine your life would look like? Did you dream of being a doctor, a lawyer or a firefighter? Or a grand supreme winner on Star Search
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Stop Bullying Now


Today, I got an email from Ross Murray who is the director of Religion, Faith and Values for GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)– an organization that I personally support. In this email he encouraged the following: “I’m writing to ask/remind you one more time to go purple and ask your constituents to go
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Art, Pastoral Life and Books

The pastoral life like any other profession, I believe is an art form. To practice it is to create: to explore the unknown deep waters of life through practice, mistakes, more practice and more mistakes and hopefully come out with something beautiful on the other side. One of the best things I do to stay
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Intentional Dependence

Reisernte in Nepal

Intentional Dependence Exodus 16:2-15 Only when you trust someone, do you begin to really get to know them. Such was a life lesson I began to learn from all of the youth group trips my parents forced me to attend, beginning in the 7th grade. Every fall, when the air was crisp and cool like
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